Thursday, 11 September 2008

My stupid run

Hi people!!! I'm not sure if I've mentioned it here, but I was sort of chosen to run 800m for my batch in the IMU Cup 2008. The run was yesterday. And I was still sick. My breathing wasn't very good. What place did I get? Haha. I got last. It was kind of stupid actually. I knew I couldn't run because I was still sick and kept getting tired easily. But I was still so stubborn about running. My friend could have taken over for me, but I said I wanted to run and that I was fine. Look how that turned out. I really wanted to run for the experience I guess, I'm leaving for UK next Aug I think, so I won't be able to join IMU Cup 2009. Plus, I didn't think they would give me a chance to participate again anyway. I just wanted to try.

When the race started, I was in the last lane and so first for the moment. But in less than one minute, everyone overtook me. Haha. I didn't really feel that weak before the run, but once I started running, I could feel the effect of the sickness on my body. I got out run like crap. The first runner finished the first lap when I was only going to reach half round. Around half of the first lap, my throat started burning. No idea why. It was so painful to breathe but of course I breathed anyway. But that slowed me down alot and I was even slower than my normal jogging speed. But I finished the run anyway. I didn't stop till I reached the end. At least the other runners didn't out run me by one lap. Haha. That would have been so utterly embarrassing.

My baby once told me that the crowd will cheer for the first and the last person. I didn't believe him about the last person thing. Why would the crowd care about the last person? I still don't know, but I know that its true. They did cheer for me to go on. To finish the race. And I did. I almost collapsed onto my baby when I finished. Completely forgetting the fact that he has a race right after I finish. The other runners for my batch (PharmB) helped me cool down. After drinking some water and walking around slowly, the burning eased.

GM™ ran for 1500m and 800m, clinching the silver medal for both. That's my baby. I'm so proud of him. In the 1500m, he lost to a national back up. Anyone, would have lost to him. Duh. In the 800m, he lost to Jackie, which is a guy he already knew he couldn't beat, cuz Jackie is a very good runner. So, he only lost to people that are outside the normal league.
He's the best in a normal person league. And of course, he'll always be the best in my eyes.

Surprisingly, I didn't really feel disappointed in myself. I thought I would. I was more worried about what my team-mates will think. I felt bad for them cuz if I had let my friend run,
she might not have won, but it is guaranteed that she would have done better than me. I didn't just get last, I was so extremely behind ALL the runners. I didn't really feel embarrass either. Which is another miracle. When I agreed to run in the beginning, my fear was to be the last. And that came true but, it was not embarrassing. Maybe I was just too tired to care. I won't be able to apologise to them till Oct 6, as I've finished my semester, and am on study break. I have a Physiology 2 exam on Oct6, then its hols till Nov 9 or around there. No hols in Dec. Stupid timing.

After darling finished both his run, we rested for awhile, took a few pics with JR and Alicia, we took off. I was so tired to the extend that even walking a few steps made me pause for breath. My throat was becoming very irritating. It felt like a lot of phlegm was accumulating there, and even clearing my throat was hard. Sweetheart said that maybe I need to eat. So he took me to McD in SS2!!! He paid half of my Chicken McNugget set. Well, he kinda ate half as well. Haha. But that's because I wanted him to. He ordered a Filet-o-Fish set for himself. I wasn't very hungry, but I needed the food. After two cups of coke, my throat felt better.

There was this lady there that commented on the amount of ketchup we took. Me and my baby are ketchup freaks. I can eat anything with tomato sauce. Hehe. Even tomato sauce on its own. Did u know that eating fresh tomatoes with tomato sauce is yummy? It makes the tomatoes taste sweet!!! So anyway, baby took 3 small plates(the small tiny plastic things in McD) of ketchup. The lady said something like "don't take so much ketchup, cannot put back wan" in Cantonese. From the way she looks, it seems like she's not very well to do. Lurking around McD. She just kept walking around and staring at people. When she passed by us again, almost all the ketchup was gone by then. She didn't say anything this time. Darling said that he thinks she's not very right in the head. Oh well, not really any of my concern.

Then my baby fetched me home. It was around 11.05 when I stepped into my house. My mum was downstairs watching CSI so I joined her, even though I have already watched that episode. CSI is just so nice to watch la. Even if I've watched that episode, I still can get stuck to the TV. My sis feels the same way too. We are kind of addicted to CSI, all three of them; CSI:Las Vegas, CSI:NY and CSI:Miami. My favourite is CSI:NY. Hehe. I like the characters and the story line. The next is CSI:Miami because of the characters, lastly is CSI:Las Vegas. By the time I was ready to sleep, it was 12.45am. I chatted with my baby for awhile and then went to sleep.

I'm still not cured yet, but hopefully will be next week. Can't wait to get rid of the stupid sickness that came at such a wrong time.

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