Sunday, 7 September 2008

Avril Lavigne concert pics!!!

Pics pics pics!!! They're finally here!!! So here u go. I'm not going to re-tell the whole story. Just some captions here and there Enjoy!!!

Us at Gasoline

heart-shaped fried rice

Us with the Hotlink model

The atmosphere in Stadium Merdeka

Us posing... Hehe...

The crowd...

with the devil horns!!!

The blow up thing Hotlink gave for free.

The stage...

The opening clear pic of him since he kept moving around.

Avril's drum set!!!

The black background

The pink background with a heart and a skull with an A for a nose.

The dancers are out!!!

Avril Lavigne!!!

I know the pic's blur, but I kinda like the effect in this pic.

The black background with a red star...

Just to show u how blurry the a lot of the pics are...

Us posing again!!!

The crowd after the show

VIP got numbered seats wan. But the chairs are so cheaplang.
Us with the stage...

Close ups of the stage...

U must forgive us girls for posing again... =p

Can u see KLCC and KL Tower?

Aiyer... So messy already... I pity those people who have to clear up (unless they're being paid tons to do it).

The entrance to the seats

Us with Belinda!!! Told u we took pics with her. She's so pretty!!!

Ahaha... Us with the VIP entrance.

Oh, and we syok sendiri, take with the car (it's purple mar...).

The official stall selling Avril's albums...

The Hotlink stalls...

See!!! Proof that we were at Stadium Merdeka.

There was this car from some company with her poster on it and lots of people were taking photos with it. So of course we did, too!!!

The official stall selling Avril's merchandise...



Some other stuff...

Some drinks stall (the guys in this pic are just there because they're there).

The overview of Stadium Merdeka.
Without the flag...

With the flag...

Ok, that's all!!! Tata!!!

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