Saturday, 6 October 2007


Hi people!! So sorry for neglecting my blog for so long...haha...uni life is seriously bz man...can't belief i'm in uni ad. So fast!! In the 1st week there was a pool party. That was the most fun activity for orientation. Everyone seriously got wet 1 way or another. Either got pushed by some stranger, or by pushed by a friend or jump into the pool by yourself. Haha. I got pushed into the pool by Melody, my coursemate which is also from Taylor's. Haha. We were not informed that we were gonna get wet. Luckily I wore a swimsuit inside. haha.

The lectures are ok generally but some are really very boring and too much info. When u'r brain gets an oveload u (or rather me) tend to want to sleep and so will nod off. Haha. Dr. Christophe Wiart, a lecturer and also my tutor is a french and he is incredibly funny. Haha. Because of his acsent and the way he teaches. Its just so funny the way he pronounces things. He likes to demonstrate things and uses food to describe structures. Haha. He tells us funny stuff and can suddenly change topic. I was sitting in the 1st row on Friday while he was teaching and he suddenly said to me "nice flower, thank you for wearing flower Miss, you make me happy, 5 marks for ur next exam". Haha. I was wearing a flower clip on my hair at that time. Funny la he. There isn't much homework, mostly lab reports, manufacturing records and reading up on stuff. But lab reports and manufacturing records are so hard!!! u have to check so many books just to find the info neeeded. Oh, and I have an oral presentation on 2nd of Nov. But that is still quite far away. hehe.

My room is a single room with a shared bathroom. I'm currently staying in the furthest hall(Kapas Hall) and the toppest floor(3th floor). Dam teruk rite? haha. But there is a shifting exercise now so I'm planning to shift to Pangkor Hall where most of my friends stay and where I always go. It can take up to 10 minutes to walk to class from the hostel. Of course I can choose to drive to class but then parking spaces are so freaking lilited for students. The most I can do is drive to the Student Association(SA) building and park there because there is the only place where students can park thier cars excluding the hostel areas. The rest of the parking spaces are for staff. SA building is only half the journey to class. The rooms are quite good for hostels. It is reasonably sized and there are drawers and shelfs. Pangkor and Kapas are new blocks so the place is clean. The bed is comfortable and normal size. The only thing is that they are taking very long to install the latches on the bathroom door and the mosquito nettings for the windows.

This is by far the worst thing here. I use to complain about going to Asia Cafe all the time when I was in Taylor's but I would be immensely grateful now if Asia was nearby. The variety is so limited!!! Chicken rice, mix rice, roti canai and stuff and a western corner. Thats all!!!!!! The dishes at mix rice look so unappetising to me so i've only eaten that once. I usually have chicken rice. It is delicious but when u eat something so often it tends to get boring. Roti canai/margerine/egg/... are nice but so not filling. The western food is a little more expensive and not filling to me too. Oh, there is also a restaurant in the Admin building but the price there is a little higher and Asia's food taste much nicer. Because of this, we (wai kwan, zhao yen, linda, kee kee and me) cook our own dinner. All of them stay in Pangkor on the toppest floor and that is why it is much much easier for me if i shift to Pangkor. I'll be sharing bathroom with Zhao Yen if i shift there. Our cooking are quite ok and nice at times. Haha. We just cook simple stuff. There are actually quite a lot of eateries around Semenyih and Kajang but our break is only an hour so we will have to rush because of the jam if we eat outside. Yes, u have to drive to get to town and even pass a toll to get to Kajang.

I have quite a number of friends here. My good friends here are Linda, Zhao Yen and Wai Kwan. Zhao Yen and Wai Kwan were both from DJ so i know them. Linda I knew her thru GM™ and she knew me thru her bf, Jian Ren. Haha. GM™ and Jian Ren are coursemates in IMU. haha. So funny. Its such a coinsidense that me and Linda became good friends too. Hehe. Kee Kee is Wai Kwan and Linda's room mate. Oh, i forgot to mention earlier that Wai Kwan and Linda are room mates. Their rooms are like a mini hotel where there is a walkway and on each side are 3 doors opening into rooms. 1 of the door leads to the bathroom with 2 cubicles with toilet bowls, 2 cubicles for showering(only 1 with hot water) and 3 sinks with mirrors. Quite alot of people are from Taylor's and Help. They are all friendly so its quite easy to mix. Hehe. After all there are only 75 students taking pharmacy.

UNiM is so far away from everything. Even in the campus handbook, anywhere nice to go is in KL or Kajang. To get to anywhere nice u have to have a car or take some kind of transport. The last time we went to Kajang we got lost on the way back. Haha. We managed to find out way to Mertopoint Kajang by relying on road signs and our own non-existent sense of diretion. No map invovled. There are a lot of shops in Kajang and a cinema in Metropoint. We didn't have the time to shop there at tha time though. We went to shop for groceries in The Store in Semenyih Town. A cockcroach ran over my feel in The Store!!! Yucks!!! Me and Wai Kwan were choosing potatoes when Zhao Yen warned us about a cockcroach. I couldn't back away in time and so it ran over my feet. I screamed a little la but not loudly. So disgusting!!!

Free time
Well, I actually don't have much free time to myself. Classes usually start at either at 9 or 10 in the morning till 3, 4 or 5pm. There's an hour's break in between and that's it. So I wake up around 7 or 8 because we leave 45mins earlier to allow time to walk to class and to get seats in front. By the time i reach my room it's 30mins-1hour after class then I shower. Sometimes I take a nap or just rest or go jogging. Then around 6.30-7.30pm i go over to Pangkor to cook dinner with wai kwan, linda, zhao yen and kee kee. By the time we clean up it will be 8-9pm. I stay awhile at their place to chit chat and chill then go back to my room to study or talk to GM™..I shower, pack my stuff fpr the next day, decide what to wear to class, lock up everything and then get ready to sleep. I talk to my sweetheart until I can't stay awake any longer and then fall asleep and the cycle repeats. So u see, not much time for myself rite? Haha.

I can't think of anything else to write at the moment but hopefully I'm able to update more often. Haha. Tata!! Btw, I miss my friends and GM.

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  1. Anonymous5:15 am

    wei! blog more wor, so that i could know how are you recently, RATHER than msg u since u r using know la, waste my money to msg u...haha! u din celebrate ur 7th anniversary with ur baby -GM- meh? if got must blog it wei! hey ur uni live is same as what I have, just not included the accomodation la! haha! mine one oso very busy at the begining, that's why u dun see me update my blog very often during august...aiya, I shud blog about my uni lifes la, forget already! :P well. take care! hope I cud drive this friday, not u, cuz u r the bday girl ma! :)