Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Tiring day

Hi!!! Today is dam hectic class was from 9.30am to 4.00pm NON-STOP!!! Well,ok, there was a teeny tiny little break which i had to do so many things. Plus i slept at 3am in the morning last nite so u know how tired i would be already. The funny thing about Nottingham is that no matter how late it is u can alwiz hear ppl still awake and visiting friend's rooms as if it is only 8pm. Anyw, i had to make cream crackers for lunch as that was all i had in my room. Linda also did the same thing so we had to for our 'lunch'.

Lab was from 9.30-12.30 then there was 1 class from 12.30-1pm. It was suppose to be an hour but Mr. Wong was nice enough to teach faster so that we could have lunch as lab class continues from 1.30-4.30. In that 30mins me and Linda had to walk all the way to SA building to get my car n drive to Tioman Hall to pay my rent which is ad overdue and so a penalty of RM22(ouch!) had to come out of my own pocket. Then we had to gobble down some cream crackers before driving back to the car pack which is nearer now (since there is no annoying guard, which is only there in the morning, to stop us from parking in the visitor parking which is nearer to the lab). The car park was so bloody full and we were so happy that we found 1 parking lot. I just quickly parked my car and we ran to class. Lab was also quite disastrous as it was so tedious and we did quite a lot of mistakes and then we were rushing to finish cuz we thought we had to pass hand reports in today. In the end Mr. Khoo decided to let us have a week to finish them. Hehe!!

We finished a little early so we came out at 4pm. We were walking so tiredly to the car, relieved that it is finally over when we spotted a guard near my car and a yellow thing sticking to 1 of my back tires. My car got CLAMPED!!! We were like wtf?! Isn't it visitor parking in which students can park? We asked the guard and he said that it is reserved. And true enough wen we looked closely we saw the car number on the road. We told him that it was because we were late for class and we were rushing so we didn't c the number. He said there would be no excuses and it was a professor's parking lot and if we wanted to appeal he's not the person to c. He said that there is no such thing that we didn't c the number as it is so obvious but we reli reli reli didn't c it at all!!! He said there is 2 so it is impossible to miss. But the 2nd 1 which is in front of the parking was partially covered by leaves so of cuz we didn't c!!! And who would think that a professor's parking lot is in the visitor's parking? There is staff parking after all. So anyone in their right mind would think that his parking lot would be there n not here in the visitor's parking. Haih.

Then he told us to go and see the Sargon or something like that. So we went to the admin building and the information lady said to see Mr. Azlan if we wanted to appeal. So we had to go back to the SA building to c him. Luckily he's a nice person so he said he will bind me over. Which means that he will let me go this time but if i get saman again i will have to pay double. Which is pretty reasonable as it is not like I'm gonna do it again. He told us that we actually parked in the lot of the dean of business school. Haha. So all in all my day was quite bad but it could have been worse it that means that my day is not dat bad. My sweetheart did send me a sweet msg in the morning and 2 msgs later in the afternoon wen i was having lab and i managed to hand in last week's lab report on time and finally pay the rent with a considerably small amount of penalty so it guess its ok. Haha. K, i gotta take a shower now as I'm ad feeling very sticky and uncomfortable from all the sweating and running around. Tata!!!

p/s : c, who say i nvr update? Hehe!!

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