Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Birthday pics

This post is a little weird in the sense that the pics are from bottom to top. Haha. I shall just lay out the events on that day very simply.
1. He msged me at 11 something(13/10/07) saying he's on the way home from his grandma's house.
2. He msged me at 12midnight to wish me happy birthday and then called me and ask me to go downstairs.
3. He sang happy birthday for me in the car with a small cake and a big candle.
4. Made a wish.
5. Ate the cake(Mocha Cheese Cake) in the car together.
6. Took out a huge box from the boot which is my birthday present.
7. He went back home and I went to sleep.
8. Had lunch with my family.
9. He came to my house after lunch.
10. We went to Atria to get a LAN cable for me.
11. Went back to his house.
12. We ate dinner at Old Town Kopitiam.
13. We went to The Curve and Cineleisure.
14. Had donuts at Big Apple.

btw, the locket is from Tiffany & Co.=)


  1. Anonymous3:41 pm

    finally updates already! haha. congratz that u and guan meng pal tor 8th months already! wohoo, break your record leh! I know you can do it! hehehe. hope to hear more from you. no need to write so so long larrr, short only will do la! hehe tc! ciao!

  2. Haha. thx thx!!! if i update then i will write very long wan. U know how cheong hei i am la...haha...