Thursday, 29 November 2007


Aaahhh!!! Exams are on the 6th!!! Well, its just a mock test actually. Hehe!! I have 2 mock tests on that day. 1 of it is true false questions but it has negative marking!!! scary!!! Seniors say that 90% of them FAILED!!!! Then the other 1 got essay. Haih. ESSAY...

For once I started studying, cuz it has finally dawned on me that if i fail the actual exam i can retake for a number of times and if i still fail i have to retake the WHOLE module!!! I ad realised this long time ago just that it never reli got into my brain. So far I've studied 3.5hrs only. I gotta catch up fast if i wanna b in the 10% that passes!!!

As u probably ad noticed from my pics, I'm getting FAT!!! So, I've started to exercise. Yes, I exercise. Haha. Unbelievable? Believe it!! I exercise everyday for at least 20mins. Jogging, sit ups n stuff la. I'm quite disciplined at it ok? Only weekends i slack cuz its my break time. Haha. I control my eating also ad. Must eat normally. Haih. Every time must limit my rice n sugar intake. Not much chocs, roti planta, roti pisang, lollipop, soft drinks, sweets, choki choki... =( But its for my own good. Oh well.

Hmmm, up to this point u must b wondering what uni has done to me. How come i suddenly STUDY and EXERCISE. Well, its not bcuz of uni. Then what?! Its bcuz of my sweet baby darling of cuz!!! Haha. He created a point system for me!! Hehe. Fine, it may sound stupid or lame to u but it works or me so who cares what u think. Haha. OK, i don't mean that. Really. Anyway, he's proud of me if i do any of those and so its reli nice to make him proud plus i get rewards!!Hehe!! Hmmm, rewards are secret. Too Bad!! blek =p Hehe.

Ok, i gotta go shower ad since I'm feeling very dirty after exercising. Then gotta have dinner!!! Haha. Today is not my cooking day!! Yay yay!!! Kk, i better go before they scold me for being late AGAIN!!! Ciao!!! Muahh!!!

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