Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Back to Uni

Haih!!! My hols are over!!! Nooo!!! So fast la!!! Why why why?!?!? Of all times I get addicted to Diablo II. Stupid right? My classes are starting soon and then on Sat, I get addicted to a computer game. But its so nice to play!!! Got my favourite character!!! Sorceress!!! Wahaha!!! But my sorceress can hit people wan also ok? Not just spells!!! Don't think if I'm out of mana u can bully me!!! Blek!!! But of course my baby is better la. He played this since Form1 la. It's his cd anyway. I borrowed it for my sis actually since she kept complaning about having no games to play during the hols. In the end I also get addicted pulak.

Diablo II is almost like NOX la, which is a game me and my sis played when I was in Form4. I got it from Hong Yee. Unfortunately, it can't be read on Vista. Haih. But Diablo II nicer!!! Cuz my baby can teach me and play together with me!!! He played all 7 characters before, each at least 3 times!!! So pro right? So he give me lots of tips. I know I'm very outdated la, now only playing it when Diablo III is coming out already. But what to do? Now only I discover that it is so nice to play ma.

So anyw, I passed my Sem2 finals la. Duh!!! If not I won't be in Sem3. I didn't resit anything la. This sem we have to take Malaysian Studies!!! What is the reason for Pharmacy students re-taking LAN subjects (Yes, even if you have taken them in Pre-U) and not Medical students? It is because we Pharmacy students do not have anough credits in each Sem so we have to add in LAN subjects to reach the required amount of credits per sem, set by the government. It is so DUMB!!! D! U! M! B! DUMB!!! Our dean likes to say things that way. Example, he wants to emphasize on the word a lot: A LOT!!! A! L! O! T! A LOT!!! He will say it one time, then spell it out, and then say it another time. Haha.

I once said that I was being efficient during the hols right? Well, I take that back. It only lasted for the 1st week. Haha. I didn't do much after that. My room and table is still in a mess, my stuff are not all repaired and I didn't manage to rearrange some of my stuff. Haih!!!

My mum and I went for the premier of Quantom of Solace last Wednesday in Cineleisure.
I'll post up the pic soon. I hope. Hehe. They gave us each a goodie bag which contained a pack of 6 nuggets, a packet of pre-packed popcorn and a cup of soft drink. The goodie bag was placed on each seat so I could only get to it after I went into the cinema. As usual, I wanted to take pics of it before I ate the nuggets away. But then I was worried because we were in a cinema, you are not allowed to take pics in the cinema. My mum said that it should be ok since the movie hasn't even started. So I did. *flash flash flash* Then before the movie started, the organiser or someone in charge, went up to the front to give us a reminder that we were all not allowed to record the movie illegally with any device, and those who do so, will be escorted out and to the police station by the guards. My mum whispered to me: "I think it's because you flashed so many times just now la." Haha. The show was quite nice la. But a lil too violent for me. We didn't watch Casino Royale and so were a bit lost on who is who.

I wore StarFish to the premier btw. Hehe. And I met this girl, who has the exact same name as me. She's also in IMU, but doing Medicine. My darling's junior la. She's my mum's friend's daughter. That's how I know her name and why she was there la. Followed her mum to the premier ma. Cuz each person got 2 tix. That's about it la. Will post up those outdated pics some other time.


  1. you're really lucky to get 6 pieces of nugget! How could you didn't take one gooddie bag for me? T___________T
    have fun with your LAN! I'm free of that already! Wahahahaha...... XD

  2. How to take another one?!!?! Each seat got one only mar. and all the seats were full. Yala!!! Actually malaysian studies very interesting. Haha. Bcuz my teacher very cute and lively.