Thursday, 30 October 2008

Accident again!!!


Today started off normally. Ok, maybe not normally, since I jogged in the morning, which is so extremely unusual. Then I blogged and stuff. I was suppose to meet Hong Yee and Siu Hong at Sunway Pyramid at 2pm. But knowing Hong Yee, I took my time. I was still at home at 2pm. I called him just to check whether it's still on. As it turns out, he had something to do and could only be there after 5pm. Siu Hong didn't reply his message about the change of date from yesterday to today. I called him, but he did't answer
so I texted him. He later replied that he can't come anymore because we kept changing the time and didn't tell properly. Hehe. Sorry!!! Promise to tell u properly the next time we go out. So around 5.30pm, I left my house for Pyramid.

At the junction of SS 24/1 to LDP, I turned out and then I suddenly saw this bus sekolah coming into my lane and then *bong* accident again!!! Bloody Hell. This pic that will let u understand better.

So u see, I saw the 2 cars putting their left signal, which means that the left lane is clear. I saw a bus sekolah on the right lane but it didn't bother me bcuz he was on the right lane. So i turned out into the left lane. Once I finished turning out. I suddenly saw the bus coming towards the left lane fast!!! I didn't even have the time to brake properly and my front bumper was knocked out already. Haih!!! What the crap. It's not fault!!! He suddenly cut into my lane and never put signal some more!!! How can it be my fault? We argued a li
ttle then this annoying tow truck guy came and ask me to take his card but I refused saying I have my own people to go to.
As long as in the end, we went to the police station to lodge a report.

The damage on Flaunterz looks so terrible la. See!!!

At 1st it was like that. Then when I was driving to the police station, some part of the bumper came off mid-drive. Hopefully no one crashes into it as it is a big piece.

This is how she looked like by the time I got home

The bus only got so little damage.

The policeman said that it's my fault because it was at a junction, so the bus driver is in the right. But I was adamant that I was in the right. I got so emotional over it till I cried. Hehe. I didn't mean to. I didn't want to either. But I couldn't help it. I tried controlling the tears but they flowed out anyway. Once I started, I couldn't stop. I sobbed and sobbed so much that in the end he and 2 other sarjans who were decided that this is a difficult case, and they will talk to
their boss about it. So they asked me to drive my car into the police station so that they can take photos and further assess the situation. After that they said I could go home, and they will call me the next day to tell me whether or not they will issue me a ticket.

Oh, btw, did u know that in the police station there are toy cars for u to describe and show the way the accident happened. Like really cute small metal toy cars.

So, hopefully their timing is good la, since I still want to see my baby dear and he has to fetch me. It would be very ma fan if I have to go to the police station after he has fetched me to
his house. He has an exam to study for after all. He can't be driving here and there for me. So, wish me luck!!!

*ps* - I am officially in love with Secret's Glamour Precision Eye Liner in Precise Black + MAYBELLINE's Volum' Express Hypercurl Waterproof Mascara in Very Black. All through out the sweating in my car, the sweating on the road side, the crying session in the police station, and the tissue dabbing, my eye liner (I lined my lower lids too) and mascara did not smear at all!!!


  1. accident again...haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    okay, not trying to be mean here! XD
    very unlucky u! =(

  2. I know!!! So frustrating la!!! When I kena that time, I was like, "Again!?!?!?!!?" Haih. Me is so very unlucky in driving.