Friday, 24 October 2008

12km marathon

I went for a 12km marathon last Sunday, sponsored by New Balance in Klang. It started at 7am so we had to leave my house at almost 5am bcuz we were gonna meet up with the IMU people at IMU. I was a bit late cuz so early mar. So we were kinda late. When we reached there I was so shocked. Got so many people!!! Haha. No wonder they need his car to fetch people. We waited awhile more to make sure everyone has arrived then we all started our journey. There 10 cars going from IMU u know!!! So many!!! He said like caterpillar like that. We were in the center of the row. Then GM™ kept playing with his headlights. Kept turning it on and off.

What are u doing?
It's bright mar. Don't need lights also. Eh, better not, after police catch me.
But got so many people, they dare to catch me meh?
They are escorting me ma.
Since all the cars are full, only my car got me and my chick only.
Some more we're in the center.

Haha. Its so funny la when u come to a bend in the road u can see the 5 cars in front and the 4 cars behind tailing us . So funny. I don't know why, but it's just so funny to me. I tried taking photos of it using sweetheart's phone but I couldn't. Too blur and small.

So anyw, we reached a round about after quite some time. Raymun, which is the president of Infinity Milers, had said earlier that we're going to turn into Jalan Istana at the round about, a something like 2 o'clock turn. But then, the sign board there showed that it is a 4 o'clock turn. So we took that way. But then we ended up at a park. Haha. The car in front of us wound down his window and pointed at the place beside his car. At 1st we took he meant for us to move there so tha the cars behind could come further in, but then we spotted the big rectangular depression in the road and realised he actually meant look out for the hole. So my baby did the same thing. But the car behind wasn't quick enough to see the hole and went in as they thought the same thing we initially thought. Haha. Darling was like laughing and laughing. Then he said it would be so funny if all of us had to u turn out of here as it only allows one car at a time. And then really we had gone wrong way so we had to u turn. Haha. So funny.

When we reached the place, he kept complaining to everyone that he didn't sleep the night before. He tried sleeping but he kept waking up so he gave up at around 3.40am since he was suppose to wake up at 4 something. He wasn't tired at 1st, but he started getting sleepy on the way there. There were so many people at the Klang Stadium. The brochure says that there will only be 1000 participants. He said it looks more like 1000 per category. Everyone got a shirt, a number and a card. My shirt is too big for me. =( No more S, so I had to take M. The M is already a little loose but my baby, on me its like... more baggy than my pajamas. But its very comfy. Too bad I can't wear it out or it'll be like giving a free show.

The guys and the girls flagged off at different times, so I stuck with Emily and her group of friends since the only people I really know there other than her were my baby and JR (Linda!!! Who ask u never come?). The qualifying time was 2hours and everyone who finishes within that period will get a finisher medal. While jogging, I got to know Emily's two other friends better. 1 is Shih Ying, and the other one, Wei Ying. The names might be wrong since I don't know whether its the correct spelling as its only by how it sounds. *Sorry if its wrong. Correct me k?* I tripped once. Managed to almost balance myself but still ended up touching the ground with my palms. I didn't cut myself thankfully. They were all so anxious when I tripped. Hehe. Thx!!! Anyw, they were really nice and friendly, so I needn't have worried about being alone.

When we were jogging, I wanted to cut this group of guys, but then when I got past them, I found out they were behind so I rejoined them. Then later, we saw one of those guys again. Actually he's the head of the New Balance store in MidValley, Jonathon . He was talking to a lady from Makna. Wei Ying knows him cuz they've been to this marathon before. When he saw us he said "eh? Potong us already." Haha. So we talked to him and jogged with him for quite a distance, until the water station. Then he went ahead of us. Later on we caught up with him again. I was beside him so he said "Potong me again!" Haha. There were 2 guys with
him this time. One of them asked him if I was his staff. He told them that we're actually IMU students. They asked how come we're not wearing New Balance shoes. Then we pointed to Shih Ying, cuz she was wearing it. So anyw, we chatted and then he said that he'll give me discount if I go to the MidValley store and tell Jonathon his name. Haha. Don't know whether true or not la.

Baby came back for soon after that, so we went off. I thought there was only like 2 more km, but baby told me it was like 3-4 more km!!! I was so shocked. I used alot of my strength already bcuz I thought it was so near. The whole journey I never stopped to walk until then. My stomach was already hurting but I kept going until I couldn't stand it anymore. I didn't come to a stand still though. Just kept walking when I got too tired, and jogging once I got some strength back. Darling kept encouraging me, updating me on how much further and how much time I have left if I wan to get the medal. When we were nearing the stadium I started to slow down until it alarmed baby dear, so he took my hand and we jogged hand in hand into the stadium. Hehe. Sweet le? I got the medal in the end. He would kill me if I didn't. Haha. Cuz he was so so tired already, and he still came back for me to make sure I got the medal. When he turned back for me, the sun was shining right in his face, so his eyes was very painful after that.

For RM30, there wasn't much free stuff. There was the shirt, a sample pack of Deep Heating, free cups of cold Milo, and free orange slices. Thats all. Quite sad right? But then I got my 1st ever marathon medal. The medal is shaped like a sleeveless shirt and is really heavy. Darling says it looks so ugly. But to me it looks ok what. It's still a medal after all.

The medal

The front

The back

The shirt

My number

When I sat down to rest, I felt like I've not sat down for a century. OMG. It's like, finally... My right pelvic joint was sore once I finished. But later on in the day, the whole of my left leg hurt like shit. It's like the growing pain, if u know what I mean. Like the bone itself is painful. One of baby's friend took a pic of us. Hehe. And then we took a group photo with everyone from IMU. A photographer took the group photo too. But I have no idea if he's a newspaper photographer or not, and if so, which newspaper he works for. It's not in the New Straits Times or The Star. I don't know. If anyone of u happen to come across it, can u send a pic of it to me? I would really appreciate it. Thx!!!

We went back after that. His parents were going out for bakuteh but we didn't follow cuz we were just too tired. Baby was extremely hungry. We ta-pau-ed pork ball noodles from his usual stall in D.U. Cafe in Dataran Sunway. There are 2 stalls there. The stall near th mix rice stall is the nicer and cheaper stall. It's only RM8 for 1 small packet and 1 big packet. The portion is very big too. The small is like the normal big already. So I gave some to dear. Eat until so so full. We actually bought a bun each, but were too full to eat it. After that, we slept for 4 hours. FOUR HOURS!!! Usually we only sleep for at most 2 hours. Even then, when baby woke me up, it was so so hard for me to get up. We ate our buns shortly after that cuz we were hungry already. He sent me back awhile later.

I reached home around 5.30. My mum was out with my relatives buying gold for my cousin bro's wedding in Dec. So I lounged in my sis's room. When my mum came back, she asked us what we wanted for dinner. I wasn't feeling very hungry until my sis mentioned sushi. Then my stomach immediately grumbled. Haha. I drove to Sushi King in Seksyen 14. We had our usual sushi from the belt and our usual dessert. I am so in love with it ever since I had it in Sushi Zanmai during Sin Yee's birthday celebration this year with May Fong they all. It's such a simple thing yet taste so unbelievably nice. The chocolate tastes of hazelnut and the ice cream has a strong milk taste. So nice!!! That's all la. I watched CSI after that. Showered, then went to sleep!

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