Saturday, 11 October 2008

19th month anniversary celebration

Yesterday me and my baby watched Eagle Eye in Cineleisure. It was quite nice la the show. Not bad not bad. Will recommend people to watch.

We had KFC for dinner in Tesco. Wanted to eat at another KFC but then no time already cuz we were running late for the movie. Actually missed a few minutes at the start. That's about it la. For lunch we ate at Ming Tien. Had pan mee as usual. The whole point of going there was cuz he wanted the ice kacang, but they wouldn't open until 2pm. So ridiculus. Reject business.

I sent in my camera for repair already and they said that it would take at least 1-2 weeks. But then yesterday they called at 4m to say that it is ready. However, we were taking a nap so we didn't hear my phone. I only knew cuz they left a voice message. By the time I listened to it, it was already 1am++. Haha. I was so happy thinking that I could collect it today, totally forgetting the fact that they would not be open today. Stupid me. I still have to depend on Sin Yee's camera later. I'm going out with May Fong they all to Seksyen 14 later in th evening. Not sure where la. Sin Yee wasn't specific. But it doesn't matter. Anywhere is fine as long as I get to meet them. Its been long since I went out with them.

This is by far the most productive holiday for me. Not that I did any reproduction, but that this is the 1st time I'm so efficient at doing what I planned to do.

1. Fixed my cam.
2. Super-glue-ed Brownie's nose.
3. Repaired my necklaces.
4. Repaired most of my heels.
5. Cleared my cat's place. (oops, forgot to add this in the list the last time)
6. Did my emergency box.
7. Started my exercise.
8. Started my clearing.
9. Will see May Fong they all tonight.
10. Have started playing blood games more.

Efficient le? Haha. Maybe not to you, but it is to me. Somemore I updated!!! Haha. Ok, so I shall stop here and continue to be efficient. Tata!!!

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