Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Visit to Notts

I went to Nottingham on the 17th of Oct to visit my Notts friends. I still remember the way there u know? Haha. I got there without a map. Altho, I did bring along a GPS map thingy. But it didn't help at all. Always asking me to go another way. So I didn't listen to it at all. Hehe. I wanted to eat pan mee in Broga, but unfortunately, it was close. So they decided to take me to a Chicken rice place that they found after I left. Linda gave me a present and Zhao said that she'll pass her's to Linda so that she can pass to JR so that he can pass to GM™ so that he can pass it to me, cuz she left it at home. Haha. I was showing off my new watch to them, and Linda said she already knew my birthday present before me, cuz JR was with GM™ when he bought it for me. Hehe. So funny la.

Linda's present to me!!!

Tadaa!!! Earrings from Vincci!!! SO nice!!!

I met Christina and Abel too. Linda/Zhao acting as paparazzi. Take my photo while I was with them.

Christine and me

Yi Yun, Amanda and me

Liang Chong and me

Zhao Yen's Char Siew rice

Linda's Char Siew and Chicken rice

My Siew Yuk and Chicken rice

Very yummy la the chicken rice there. Wai Kwan didn't follow us cuz she was still in PAR session with Mr. Wong. Zhao belanja-ed us. Then she and Linda were debating on who owe who how much. Haha. The last time I went out with Linda also like that. U talk banyak banyak then she will confuse wan. Haha. So anyw, we went back to Linda's place to wait for Wai Kwan. When she finally arrived, I went into her room to gather her soft toys and brought them into Linda's room, for a group photo of all Linda's, Wai Kwan's and my soft toys. Haha.
Group photo!!!

Me, Zhao and Wai Kwan

My 3 good friends in Notts!!!

Linda, me and Wai Kwan

Linda, me and Zhao

Wai Kwan, Zhao Yen and me

Linda, Wai Kwan and me

Hehe. We took all those in Linda's room. Then we went to a shopping mall. Zhao didn't follow cuz she had to go back at 2.30pm. =( We went to don't know what mall la. But it was rather dead, so we decided to go to the bigger shopping mall. Can't remember what it's called either. We actually had no idea at all how to go there. We just randomly choose some directions. After driving for awhile, we came into a residential area. So, we thought we were really lost and wouldn't be able to go there anymore. But, when we came out of the residential area, we stumbled into the mall!!! Haha!!! Oh, but I missed the turning for the car park so we went round and round and round looking for a parking spot. In the end, we parked rather far away and walked there. It wasn't very nice either, but there were alot more shops to see. Wai Kwan bought a lip gloss and a set o fake eyelashes for me from Elianto for my birthday present!! Hehe. So nice!!! After that we ta-pau-ed some satay outside the mall. Linda said that it is the nice wan la. So then, I fetched them back to Notts.

I fetched Linda to Vista since she was going to stay with JR for the weekend. Then I headed to GM™'s house. We were suppose to have dinner with his parents but don't know what happened la. In the end only me and him. Since I was super late, he ta-pau-ed noodles for me already. I was so freaking hungry that even after the noodles I felt hungry. His mum took 2 sticks of satay only since she was very full already. The rest I brought home for my mum and sis. I was very nice la. Hehe. Should have bought more. I only got to eat 2 or 3. My mum said that's for not buying more. Haha. Anyway, I still miss them la. Feel like going there again, but my stupid hols is so short. Going to end soon already. Some more still got so many things to do. Haih. That's all la! I'll be-colourful it later. Ciao!!!

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