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Yes yes, I know I have neglected my blog for quite some time. But u can't blame me!!! I had exams!!! Here's ALL the stuff that happened from Sept 11 till now. Enjoy!

September 13
My mum, sis, n me went to Subang Parade. It is so dead now la. We use to go there like almost every weekend last time. But then 1u became popular an
d we went there more since its nearer. So anyw, we had lunch at Manhattan Fish Market. We use to love the food there, but that day, it just felt like everything was sucky. The fish's batter was too oily, the soup tastes weird, the mussels lost its novelty... We ate until so jelak.

The weird looking and tasting soup

My Mum's catch or something like that

My pasta

My sis's Salmon thingy

The Mussels and Bagutte

Initially we wanted to have dessert at Dessert's Bar, but after the so extremely filling lunch, we decided that our tummy needed some rest. So we went shopping!!! Blook had a clearance sale so we bought 3 tops. Super cheap!!! With prices like RM5 and RM8. Unbelievable? Believe it. But too bad, its over(I think). However, the choices are limited la and the clothes, some are stained or dirty or rejects. What can u expect with that kind of price?

We were going to buy a new camera since like a long time ago. Bu
t, somehow, my mum says that my dad is suppose to make the decision, and then my dad says, no, my mum is the one. So in the end I decided to decide. Haha. So we went to the Fotokem there to check out the two models we were debating on. One was the Olympus fe-330, the other, Kodak(can't remember the model name). The Olympus model was the model offered by Giant Citibank credit card at RM500 something I think. Can't remember the exact price, as long as it is lower than market price. The kodak model was recommended by my baby as Gary recently got that one, which he thinks is very good. So I went there to ask and compare and test. The guy there was quite helpful la. He's a Kodak guy, so he kept saying that Kodak is better. I wouldn't have believed him, if it were not for my darling that said he supported Kodak as well. Haha. I spent so long deciding that my sis was sooo bored. She went to 5 shops and came back and I still have not decided. Haha. In the end, I bought a Kodak M863 for RM699, with a free tripod and, er, something else which I can't remember anymore. =p

So then we went to Dessert's Bar!!!

They had some Ramadan special which was quite worth it so we had that.

Dark Cherry crepes and Rum and Raisin ice cream (I loved it, but my mum said there wasn't enouh rum)

Mangotini (not nice wan... the pudding is like too hard n fibrous. But, the lemon sherbet underneath the yucky herby mango sauce was superb!!!)

Mango juice (not very nice also. Sour and... something... can't remember again!)

I took photos of them with my new camera(gushes with love)!!! I so love love love it!!! Then on our way to the car park, we passed by this fruit stall that also sold mix fruit juices. Each cocktail of fruits n vegetables have their own health benefits. Haha. And so cheap-skate us decided to copy them down and do it ourselves. Ok, so that was all and we went back home.

September 14
We went to Giant/Tesco(I apologise for my lousy memory) to buy groceries, and, those fruits and vegetables to make our own health cocktail. W
e didn't buy apples though, cuz we thought we had them at home. But we didn't, and most of the cocktails needed apples, soooo... we just didn't use apples. Haha. Clever le? I had dinner with my baby anyw, cuz he was going to have dinner alone.

September 17

Linda stayed in JR's house for about a week starting from Mon. So, I decided to go out with her on Wed!!! I fetched my baby to IMU and then fetched Linda from Vista, and we went to Midvalley!!! She gave me packet
of preserved fruit from Cameron Highlands!!! So yummy!!! Sour sour but nice wan.
The fruit she gave me

Anyw, I am so useless at remembering roads. No matter how many times my baby took me to MidValley, I still don't know how to get there from IMU. Luckily Linda know. So she directed me. We wanted to watch Mamma Mia!

But it wasn't out y
et, so we watched The Other Boleyn Girl.

Quite nice le the show. Maybe I enjoyed because I watched with one of my best girlfriends. We kept commenting on their clothes, h
ow they are and bla bla bla... Haha.

We wanted to go to CSU with GM™ and JR at 2pm, but by
the time we finished the movie it was 2.30pm. So we didn't. It wasn't that important anyw. Then, we went on the hunt for JR's bd cake. We walked from one end to the other and back again and here and there and everywhere. Haha. Linda was a little short on ideas on what else to buy. She was saying something about JR liking gummy bears, so she bought some from Famous Amos. Before that she complained that the cake was a little too plain. So me and my stupid-weird-head and big-un-shuttable-mouth said that she could use the gummy bears as decoration on the cake. Haha. Not sure if she actually did it, but she was contemplating it. Haha.

Before the movie, we had lunch at McD. McD quite recently distributed coupons through The Star, but somehow, I always end up being the one with the coupons. So we used it and had a cheap and satisfying meal of McD so we enjoyed the movie with a full-and-q
uiet-stomach. We had a free ice cream because I have the McD card. We both eat french fries with ice cream wan. Haha. But we didn't finish the ice cream so it melt until become like that.
The leaning tower of ice cream

Elianto has been having sales for quite some time, but I never got around to going. Then it just so happens that there was a big one outside Jusco in MidValley. We went to see and ended up buying quite a lot of stuff. Ok, so its not alot of stuff, but its quite alot of money. Haha. They had this range of nail polish called Party Nail Colours. I am such a sucker for nice sounding names. They had this purple one called Rock Purple. So obviously I got that. I almost got myself another gold one because of the name, Champagne Gold. Soo nice!!! But in the end, the logical side of me took over. However, it wasn't strong enough to prevent me from buying the purple nail polish, a super-nice-strawberry-smell nail polish remover, a clear base coat, and 2 packs of make up wipes. RM50+ gone!!! On the brighter side, Linda bought her 1st nail polish. A pinkish one. Pink is the safest make up colour after all. Hehe. Oh, and she bought the strawberry nail polish remover too.

The stuff I bought

Then, when we finally reached IMU, it was already 5pm++. Haha. It was so nice to go out with her!!! Missed her so much and still miss her so much!!!

Me and Linda

September 19
IMU Cup awards day!!! My baby and I went to IMU for the last day of IMU Cup. There was the cheer leading competition and medal awarding. For cheer leading, all the teams were great. I thought that my team, CyaKnight, was damn good lo. But then, they only got 5th(out of 6), which is not very good, but no matter. CyaKnight will always be the best in my heart. Although, I don't really like the colour of the uniforms(pink,black and white). I took photos with them later on. Oh, and also of my baby taking his 2 silver medals of course!!!*so proud so proud*

And of course, it is also JR's bd!!!

Happy Belated 20th Birthday to Tan Jian Ren!!!

Nothing much happened after that. Just studying, studying, and more studying for EOS(End Of Semester) which was today. There's only 1 subject, Physiology. I only managed to study everything once and not thoroughly. So, during the exam, I was so frustrated with myself because I know I've learnt alot of the questions, BUT, I don't know the answer because I forgot!!! So STUPID!!! Haih. Hopefully that will teach me to study last minute once again. I improved this time. During semester 1, I only started studying 1 week before the exam. This time, I started 2 weeks before the exam. See? Earlier by 1 week!!! Haha. Hopefully it'll mean that next semester I'll start 3 weeks earlier.

Now, the holidays begin!!! I've compiled a list of things to do...

1. Go out with Phyllis.
2. Go out with May Fong they all.
3. Go out with Sin Yee, Vicki, Shamus they all.
4. Visit Linda they all in Nottingham.
5. Clear my room(which I have started a little and end up messing up my room)
6. Repair my heels.
7. Repair my necklaces.
8. Clean my bags.
9. Have a emergency box.
10. Fix my camera(yes, unfortunately, because of my carelessness, I have spoilt the cam).
11. Super-glue Brownie's nose(Shocking? Yes, his nose came off).
12. Dry clean my soft toys.
13. Clear my table.
14. Clear my wardrobe.
15. Clear my entire room of unwanted stuff.
16. Play Blood Games until I reach super high levels.
17. Update all my photos with baby dear.
18. Upload them onto facebook.

List is not in any order whatsoever. I shall edit this post, put up pics and make it more colourful soon. I have to see my baby now!!! Bye.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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