Monday, 27 October 2008

Birthday with GM™ and my family

I am so so late on all my entries. Sorry!!! Hectic week? Hehe. I have not written about my birthday celebration with my baby and my family, my visit to Notts and finally the trip I just came back from, another Kathina in Pontian, Johor. I shall blog about them in separate posts as it is easier that way. Hehe. So this is about my birthday celebration since it's the most overdue.


Happy 19th Birthday To Wendy!!!

Wishing u all the best in everything!!! Hope u have a great time. See u in uni soon!!! Miss u!!!

With GM™

Baby fetched me to his house around lunch time. He showed me Mini Brownie in the car!!! So cute la!!! Hehe. Very soft wan his fur. So nice to touch. We had chap fan for lunch la. Then we played with Mini Brownie, Brownie and the Piggy family for awhile as I brought all of them along, and took some pics of him.

Brownie and his new companion, Mini Brownie!!!

Mini Brownie in his wrapping

Top view

The whole piggy family here to celebrate my birthday!!!

Then he went out of the room for awhile. I stayed inside to play with Mini Brownie. Then he asked me to come outside, so I did. Outside was a nicely lit birthday cake for me!!!

My birthday cake from my sweetheart!!!

Me with the cake!

Us!!! But can't really see the cake

Me making a wish...

Cut cake!!!

A spoon-stabbed cake

It's green tea flavour with red beans

Me being a poser

Hehe. Then after that we just do our usual stuff la. Talk la, take nap la, see him study la. Then suddenly he brought out more presents!!!

All the stuff I got from my baby darling

See the plastic bag also so nice!!! Got so many hearts and I love Yous!!!

Mini Brownie out from his wrappings!!!

My birthday card!!!

Inside!!! So nice!!! Got so many colourful butterflies!!! And of course the message inside is so much nicer!!!

A pressed powder compact from Prestige

Woo... Apa ni?

It's a Casio PopTunes Watch!!!

It's almost the same as my baby's watch!!! His is also Casio. His has steel strap, while mine is rubber. But the buttons are all the same wan!!! Hehe!!!

Both are water resistant up to 50m!!! See!!! Throw into a bucket of water also never spoil!!! So can wash it!!!

Hehe!!! Anyw, then we went to Cineleisure to watch The House Bunny.

Quite nice le the show. I liked it, even though The Star's review of it was rather terrible. It's a short movie though, less than 2 hrs. We didn't have dinner together because I wanted to eat with my family so that can celebrate on the day itself. Family is, after all, family. =)

Hehe!!! A pic we took in his car

With my family
The day before, me and my sis went to Cake Sense to choose my cake. She said it made sense for me to choose it myself because what's the point of surprising someone with a cake that person doesn't like. It's better if I choose it myself so I get the cake that I really want. Hehe. My sis didn't want to write the message for me, so I wrote it myself.

That's why it reads 'Happy Birthday To Me!!' Haha.

All lighted up!!!

My mummy!!!



Cut cake!!! *squish*

Yummy Mango Cream Cheesecake!!!

My slice!!!

Me hand posing with my brand new watch!!!

The fragrant rice stuffed chicken my dad ordered =)

All the presents I received so far

Ang pows from my dad, GM™'s Mum, and my mum!!!

Mini Brownie!!!

My baby watch!!!

Me birthday card!!!

Hehe. Mini Brownie again.

My pressed powder compact

See inside so nice wan!!!

My present from my sis!!!

Hmmm... what's inside those 2 tissue wrapped packages?


A super nice purple butterfly bracelet!!!

And a purple pendant!!!

Hehe. That's all the presents I have for now. Those that I didn't show individually it's because I already did in the other posts. It's not because I don't like ok? I lovey all my pressies!!! Who doesn't like presents anyw? The rest of the pics are me being a poser so u can skip it actually. =p

Me with Mini Brownie and Brownie!!!

Me posing with my baby's sunglasses

The dress I wore that day


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