Monday, 13 October 2008

My birthday celebration at Fireman BBQ Restaurant

On Saturday I went out with May Fong they all as u all know. We went to Fireman BBQ Restaurant in Jaya One. The way there was sooo confusing!!! Not bcuz I don't know how to get there, but bcuz I didn't know I have to get there! Haha. Sounds confusing? Let me explain. Sin Yee said we are going to Seksyen 14.

Which part of Seksyen 14?

I'll lead u, don't worry.

Ok, so we drive to the round about and then took the 1
2 o'clock turning. Then I ask her to lead.

Er, keep right.
But then we'll have to turn right.
Erm, wait. *May Fong called* Oh no!!! It's not Kopitiam!! Its Old Town. I got it mixed up.
*gasps* Old Town is the 3 o'clock turn!!! Where are we go
ing exactly?
Jaya One.
OMG!!! Say earlier mar!!! I know how to get there la.

So we made a u turn and got there.

May Fong said we're meeting here 1st.

Means its not here?
I don't know.

Do I park?
Don't know.
Is the place inside Jaya One?
Er, I don't know!!!

In the end we made a round and stopped somewhere outside Jaya One.

There! May Fong they all!!!
OMG. Means memang have to park la.

So then we parked inside. Its like so confusing the way to get there. Haha. Bcuz I had no idea where we were going to eat, until we reached there. The deco inside is quite nice la. It is red and white themed. Sin Yee kept exclaming "Red!!! Red!!!" There is not much space there though. The upstairs has a row of different coloured water thingy on 1 side of the wall.

A red colour water thingy

The restaurant is like BBQ Plaza like that. The restaurant with a green crocodile/dragon/dinasour as it's mascot. It's not halal though cuz they serve pork and use pork fats as oil. Before the dinner it was raining really heavily. I got scared so I off the modem and pulled out all the plugs including the one for my laptop charger. Sin Yee didn't though so her modem got fried. She didn't stop complaining about it until I fetched her back. Haha. The thunderstorm was so terrible it zapped of all the traffic lights at the cross road in front of her house too. But then, that happens alot.

The steamboat thing or watever u call it with the fats

Plate No.1

Plate No.2

There was plate No.3 but I forgot to take a pic of it.

My bowl of jasmine rice

Me and Sin Yee's purple drinks!!! Its actually Lemon Blackcurrant

Sha Lee's and Wilson's Honey Lemon/Lime

Wen Xian's Ice Lemon Tea

Soo Swan's and May Fong's Green Tea

Me putting the 1st piece of food.

See! Unfortunately it stuck, so the shattered fish slice is the one. =p

Sin Yee putting some food!!!

The yummy food cooking!!!

At the Jaya One outlet (there's another outlet at The Curve) they have the Fireman Fire Show. It's basically a guy playing around with fire, extinguishing it with his hand and burning himself.

Fireman act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4

The Fireman Fire Show video. Just the last part of it.

Some of the food I took.

I sat in between Wilson and Sin Yee, so I got caught between their conversation about her modem.

My modem fried ad!!!
Huh? Bcuz of the rain just now a?
Who ask u never off.
Yesterday also rain very heavily mar. And I didn't off it yesterday also and nothing happen. How I know today will kena.
Haha. Just call Streamyx la. Ask them to change it for u.
Har? Can just change wan meh?
Can a. I always just call them and then the next day they will replace it with a new one.
Really?!?!?!?! @.@
Yala. But then the package ur using must cover the modem la.
Er, I think got lo.
Then can la. Very simple wan. Just call 100. Sometimes when I feel like getting a new modem I just purposely leave it on to let it get fried.
Free wan a?
Yala. As long as it is covered la. If not then about 200 I think.
OMG!!! So easy meh? Why the thunder must be so fierce today? I got some more assignments a!!!
*and the complaining continues through out dinner* Hehe.



Just shows how much food got stuck there. Haha.

Sha Lee, Sin Yee, Me and Wilson

Sin Yee (she wore purple for me!!!) and Me

Wilson and Me

A blurry pic of Soo Swan and Me

A fat me and May Fong

All the girls with me(besides Sin Yee since she took this pic)

All the girls with Sin Yee(besides me since I took this pic)

Group pic!!!

For my presents, I got a Love You, For Women perfume from Hoffmann and a purple translucent teddy bear coin box. The perfume was from all of them besides Sin Yee, and the coin box from Sin Yee. Usually I can't stand perfumes as they make me woozy, but this one is't know how to describe. Just nice la!!! Hehe. It smells almost like one of my mum's perfume which I like. Hehe. Maybe that's why it doesn't make me woozy.

My 1st ever perfume!!! (I look like I'm promoting it. Haha)

My perfume against my dress

Me and Sin Yee's present, nicely wrapped in a Living Cabin plastic bag with teddies!

My presents!!!

Sin Yee's message on the box. Sincere le? Jealous or not, I got so good friend? Haha.

The top of Sin Yee's present. See!!! She make ribbon for me!!! Nice le?

Love You, For Women

Open up already.

Purple Teddy!!!


Nice le the bottle? So nice!!! *syok sendiri*

After the dinner I sent Sha Lee, Wilson and Sin Yee home bcuz May Fong, Soo Swan and Wen Xian went to have supper. I sent Sha Lee back 1st as I knew her place better. As it turned out, I forgot the way there too. Haha. Since she was there we didn't get lost la, but I made a wrong turning, and she was like

Not this turning la. Its the other wan.
No meh? I thought here also can go wan?
No la. This is to Pei Yieng's house la. Haha.

Oopsy. Too bad Pei Yieng didn't come also. So long never see her already. =( Then we fetched Wilson back. I roughly remember the way there since I use to go there alot. But then the way he lead us was so confusing!!! So many turnings. After alot alot of turnings and windy roads...

I thought got a Mobil wan?
Yalor. I remember last time got Mobil wan. That way very easy wan.
Oh, got a. There! *points to a turning*
Eh? I thought can turn in from there wan?
Yala. Can also.
OMG!!! Means u took us the long way la!!! That way so easy why u didn't use that way?
Oops. Hehe.

Swt la that Wilson. Own house also don't know how to get there. Or rather don't know how to lead other people using the easier way. Haha. Anyway, it was fun going out with all of them. Even though I don't always keep in touch with them, they're still my high school friends, and somehow, high school friends are keepers. U'll want to keep them as friends no matter what. =)

Thx for reading!!! =)


  1. how did you transfer my picture to your computer without the cable? O___________O anyway, Happy birthday here!! XD I hope you really like the BBQ we belanja you! Have a nice birthday with him and your family! Taaa!!

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  3. I told u my laptop can read ur memory card ma. So I don't need ur cable. Wahaha. Of cuz I like it la. I don't like he BBQ Plaza one, but Fireman one was nice!!!