Thursday, 24 May 2007

Poor baby

My poor baby slipped and fell of his bicycle at high speed on Monday. He claimed that his bike betrayed him. Haha. His wounds are really quite serious. He had to have about 8 stitches done near his knee. And there was soo much blood. Ok, I didn't see it but he told me. He called me when he was washing his wounds. At first he didn't want to go and see the doctor. After much persuading he finally agreed to let me take him to the doctor. But his mum came back so I couldn't go. He reluctantly told his mum and got a hell of a scolding from her and his dad. They took him to the dotor after that. He messaged me later saying that he really appreciated the fact that i gave up my time to listen to him crap and that he thinks he's willing to take a bullet for me if he has to. Hehe. He verified that he really meant it when i asked him. Hehe. Its one of the sweetest and most touching thing i have ever ever heard. muax* Since he's driving a manual car, he couldn't go out and get lunch the next day so i bought food for him then i studied in his house. I almost got a ticket for parking without paying when i went to buy lunch. Haha. I was like running to my car when i saw the MPPJ starting to write down my car number. I was shouting sorry sorry, sekejap sahaja. Haha. So he let me off. *phew* His mum came back when we were having lunch. She told him when she came home at night that i was very nice to attend to his needs. Haha. Here's the pics of his wounds.
So bad right all the wounds? haih...hope he recovers soon. Miss you lots!!! *huggies*

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