Wednesday, 9 May 2007

2nd month

Thank you sin yee for the 2nd month anniversary post. Yes, on the 7th of may, me n GM have officially been a couple for 2 months already. Is it very unbelievable? Because most of my friends went:"really?so long already ah?! I can't imagine!" Oh well, anyway, i just want to say that, relationships aren't just about getting physical and being all happy and stuff. There are times when insecurity, frustration and all sorts of factors interfere. Then patience, understanding and trust is super important. If not, the relationship won't even last a month. Unless you are not serious about the relationship in the 1st place. Ok, actually i'm just crapping and i have no idea why i'm writing this, but i just felt like it. Ok, got to go, my campbell soup is getting cold. Hehe, ciao!!!

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