Monday, 11 July 2011

Leopards and Shopping

Just heard a cat fight outside my window. Scary stuff to hear at 1am in the morning when you're down with cough and sore throat.

It only lasted awhile though but I couldn't really see the cats very well because it was dark (obviously) and cats are just so slinky and blend well. They're linked to mystery and sleekness, which makes them so goddamned attractive. Which is one of the reasons why I love leopard so much. Leopards are beautiful, sleek, sexy and yet ferocious and fierce even though they are quite soliditary. Everything I wish to be.

You might think its just a fashion statement, or just because leopard print recently got famous (well it has been around for ages just that it never went mainstream till about 2 years ago). Or maybe you thought I'm so obssessed with it because my bf likes it. Well, the answer to those is no. Yes, it is a fashion statement, but its more than that. And my bf hates it. He would prefer if I wore less leopard print. In his words:"You are an animal or a human?"

So there, my random rant about my obsession with leopard print and all things leopard . Btw check out this guys take on leopard print history!

I shall leave you with a gorgeous picture of a leopard from the National Geographic

Just to update eveyone, I have moved to Sutton-in-Ashfield, Mansfield, UK. It is some god-forsaken town in the middle of nowhere. Well, not literally. It ain't that bad, but a total bore compared to Glasgow. I miss Glasgow already. It's a small town with some almost-decent shopping (the only shops I recognize are Dorothy Perkins and New Look), friendly neighbours, and rather chilly weather.

I shall rant more on the lack of shopping. There's not even a Primark for crying out loud. The nearest one is in Mansfield and I have to take a bus there. Urgghh. What is worse is that the nearest H&M is in Chesterfield or Nottingham, whereby both of which are more than an hr's worth of bus ride away!!! Noooo...!!! H&M!!! I beg you!!! Open one in Idlewells Shopping Centre. PLEASE!!!

Oh btw, a joke from my dad, ever the joker:"Nottingham sounds like Nothing Ham when you say it fast". Haha! Good one daddy!!! There really is hardly anything there. *sigh*

On a lighter note, I went to Birmingham just a few days ago to send my dad off (sobs). There were lots of awesome shops around though I didn't get much done as I had a limited amount of time and practically no money to spend. =(

Daddy and I at the airport. Check out his cute pose! He says I'm a rabbit!

But the highlight was Malibutique! I went there thrice! Haha. There was a huge blown up tent
where you enter and get a free delicious Malibu cocktail, get your pic taken and upload it on fb, have some free styling advice from Heat, plus (if you're lucky) get some appointments for mini treatments like hair styling, make up, manicure from Nails Inc., and get a fake tan from FakeBake. You also get a free nail polish from "The Cocktail Collection by Malibu" for Nails Inc. which comes in three colours: Malibu Cosmo, Malibu Mojito, and Maliblush.

Malibu Mojito, Malibu Cosmo and Maliblush

Did my own mani with Malibu Mojito and Malibu Cosmo. Applied Maliblush to my toes too!

I wasn't that lucky the first two times (which were with my dad on the same day =p), but the third time (third time lucky?) I got to do some make up. I got in with some random guy from Jordan who lined up behind me. I won't reveal his name in case he somehow manages to find this blog, which I doubt, but I'd rather not. Anyw, he ended up following me around like a lost puppy (albeit a lot less cuter) while I shop and was rather disappointed when I said I have to go back (he thinks I live in Northampton for god knows what reason even though I told him repeatedly its Nottingham). The good thing was that he accompanied me all the way to the bus, so I had a free tour guide as he's been in Birmingham for 7 years.

Me, while waiting for the bus back to Sutton after the make over (they just added more purple eyshadow)

I did do some shopping while I was there and I guess I overspent? It's not as much as you think. it doesn't even cross 50pounds. But I'm on a really tight budget. Gotta return some stuff. =(

Summer floral wedges from the Rag Market. Along with another pair in pink!

Summer dress from H&M. Contemplating returning this as I also got myself one in nude. Bf says this is too colourful. Hmmm...

Daddy and me eating doughnut peaches! Delicious!!!

Birmingham Central Backpackers. Crazy pretty deco.

Played Scrabble with my dad. Guess who won? Me!!!

Some random photo I took in London

Took this in London too. Pierre Herme's macarons are the best!!! Laduree can kiss my ass. Btw my dear green darling, this was taken especially for you! muah!

Ok, that's all for now. Pics of the new house and more shopping spoils will be up tomorrow. It's already 4am in the morning. I HAVE to reorientate myself to normal human being hours.

Nitez!!! =)


  1. wow... a very long awaiting post! Good to heard that you're doing well! =)

  2. SALADY!!! OMG!!! Super gila lama didn't talk to you. Haha. Ya, I finally updated!!!

  3. yalor so long haven't chat with you already. Must find a time where u and me are at FB or MSN on the time! ahaha! :)