Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nottingham -Take 2 - Mansfield

Ya ya, I was suppose to go to Nottingham today, but I failed to do so, AGAIN!!! I slept super late last night so I already knew I wouldn't be able to go. I went to Mansfield instead, and gosh, shopped again!!! This is what £26 at Primark can get you:

Velvet top/dress with gold sequins at collar (£1), Printed skirt (£3), Purple checked shirt for bf (because I think he looks hot in checks) (£7), Floral top/dress (£2)

Lola bunny tee (£6), Superman tee for bf (£6)
These are original Warner Bros. stuff!!!

Super cute flip flops with anchor and yatch charms (£1)

Complete outfit for only £14 (RM 70):
Checked tee £7
Velvet top £1
Skirt £3
Purple feather earrings £2
Flip Flops (not shown) £1

What I wore today

Not bad huh? It's quite a lot of stuff!!! I'll probably return half of it. Like that floral top, and erm erm, nothing else. Haha. I plan on returning the leopard stool (amazing that I'm returning leopard stuff right?) too cuz my landlord finally brought back the desk chair for me. Hurray! A proper chair! So that will save me 6pounds! Oh and I'm returning the floral dress and bracelet from H&M. So another 10pounds! Woohoo!!!

Hmmm, actually nothing to be happy about because I still spent alot. OMG. Thankfully this will be my last shopping trip. *I hope* I'm going to Sutton town on Thursday to return the leopard stool, so hopefully I don't accidently venture into any shops.

That's about it. Oh, then I made steamed egg for dinner!!! Yummy!!! Plus I simply threw together 2 other dishes.

Steamed egg with mushrooms, onions and sausages!

Stir fried vege, and mushrooms with Quorn meat chunks

Oh! I forgot these shots that I took during the BBQ that day. I didn't take any of the BBQ itself because, well, I didn't feel like I could? No one was taking pictures so it would have been weird.

Dolly, the cutest dog ever!!! My favourite!!!

Me with Daisy. Would have been a nice pic if she didn't move!!! =(

Daisy sitting on my lap

My landlord's cool hot tub! It bubbles too!!!

That's all. Take 3 on Nottingham will be up tomorrow!!!

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