Sunday, 17 May 2009

Hi!!! I know it has been super long since my last post. Hehe. Sorry!!! It's already the 5th week of the semester. So fast!!! It felt just like yesterday that I started Sem4. I really have got to start on my assignments. I have a mock test on Tues for Pharmacy Practice. It's the subject I like the most. It's not easy, but it's fun. Hehe. We get to make real medication in the lab. Of course it's not safe enough to be used, so it's all thrown away after that. It's really the most applicable subject for now. It really gives you more of a pharmacy feel, rather than all chemistry.

I recently watched X-men Origins: Wolverine. The show was super nice to me!!! Watched it with my baby of course. Hehe. I watched Mall Cop: Paul Blart too. This I watched with Vicki during our Fourforever (divided by 2) outing to 1u. Funny la the show. The lead actress looks rather familiar, but just can't remmenber what other movies she starred in, or maybe it's just another actress who looks like her. Haih. SO saddening there's only the two of us left. We ate dinner at Johnny's but the feel was gone. Even the food tasted bleehhh. We couldn't bring ourselves to finish it. So wasteful, but we were not hungry, the food was not yummy and we were emo-ing. How to finish?

I'm so broke recently. I feel like buying so many things, but just looking at the price I know I defintely can't afford it. Haih!!! Shoes shoes shoes. I love them so much but why must they cost so much? During the fourforever (divided by 2) outing, I saw a super nice sexy pair in Voir. They shifted downstairs, near the cold storage btw, did you know? Anyw, it was this pair in sexy red with black trim, looks abit like ankle boots but has cut outs, about 3inches at least!!! They weren't even on discount yet and it was already down to the LAST PAIR!!! Amazingly, they were in Size 4!!! How rare is that? Usually last pairs will either be in size 3, or some humoungus size. But not this time, they just my size!!! It was sooooooo tempting. I even tried it on. OMG!!! Looked sooooooo soooooooo sooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!! (the shoes). Haih. But it wasn't on discount, plus I'm broke, so... I left it there... I didn't snap a pic of it because I was worried the people there wouldn't like it. Now I can't even find a pic of it on the internet. Honestly, brands like Voir, Vincci, Diva, and other big brands should have online galleries of all their stuff. It makes like alot easier for us, don't you think?

Now I'm going to Centerpoint. Going Places is having a sale there. Gotta get my winter clothing. See ya!!!

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