Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Orange Poppy and Garlic Sausage

Today Nicole Woon gave all of us an Orange Poppy muffin that she baked herself. Not from a box wan ok? No cake mix or short cuts!!!

Pretty? Yummy? Definitely!!!

But er, I have not tried it. Hehe. Because I wanted to share with my darling during lunch, but we ate McDonald's today, and was so full and so decided to eat it later. Today we had a Sundae Cone!!! Hehe!!! Because I was very "guai" (good) yesterday (I did 17km on the exercise bike). Hehe!!! Yummy!!!

His set

My set!!! See Nicole's muffin? Prove that I wanted to eat it during lunch.

Ok, so anyway, after lunch, he continued studying while I looked at an IKEA brochure that just came. I just adore IKEA stuff!!! Their furniture and stuff are so stylish and functional. Unfortunately, they are also very expensive. Hmmph!! After going through it like 3 times, I went on to read Inkheart. I have not even read till the middle but I can conclude that it is a seriously nice read. I have not watched the movie (yes, I know I'm outdated), but I received 2 reviews that are at both extreme ends. My darling said that when he and his couz went to watch it, both of them didn't like it. However, Ching Yee said that it was very nice. So, I don't know who to believe. What I do know is that I would prefer to watch the movie before I finish the book. This is because I believe that if you read the book first, you will ALWAYS be disappointed with the movie. After all, you can't really expect the filmmakers to be able to recreate the story exactly. Actually that is what I expect but, it doesn't seem like it will happen anytime soon so I shall stick with reality.

Then it was already 4pm. Nap time!!! (omg, I sound like a small kid) He couldn't really sleep but me, as usual, slept very well. By the time he woke me up, it was already 6pm. Exercise time. Went to exercise, then thought that we could eat it after that. But then his mum came back right after we finished out workout so I had to quickly shower. Then I packed my stuff and went downstairs to drink soup. By the time I remembered the muffin, I already finished the soup and was going to leave. He told me to eat it by myself since it's meant for me anyway. But I really wanted to share it with him so I'm gonna keep it till tomorrow.

That is the funny thing about me, I just love to share everything with him. As in EVERYTHING!!! Even for example a few nice biscuits my mum/dad/whoever brought back, expensive chocolate, anything that I find nice and know that he probably will like it too, I want to share it with him. Even if I myself only have a small miserable piece. I will try my best to keep it and bring it to his house so that we can share it. I'm not sure if it's normal. Hehe.

Oh!!! About the lamb that day, OMG!!! It tasted ok, quite nice if I can say so myself. But it took way too long to cook. Not sure why. Some pieces were ok, but some needed like 40minutes to cook. Even then it was just ok, like if it was cooked a little longer then it would have been better. I'm not into raw or medium raw. I prefer well done.

On Tues, I felt soo sooo frustrated in the morning. I came a little earlier specially for my darling because his class was suppose to end at 10.30 while mine starts at that time. So, I was hoping to see him before my class and after his ends. After parking my car in the car park, I found his car parked near the staircase. I was going to pull his wipers up and stick a note on
his windshield when I saw someone coming up the stairs. I was a bit shy about it so I just stood around his car waiting for her to pass. But low and behold, her car was the one parked next to his!!! I was thinking whether I should run over to my car and quickly shift her here. But I have no idea, what made me stand there so long. By the time I really wanted to move, I saw a car coming and was so so terrified that he/she might park in that spot!!! I waited there to see, but luckily, the car parked somewhere else. Then, I wanted to move but another car came!!! This time I was not so lucky and she parked there. Haih!!! It felt soooo frustrating!!! If I had moved my ass earlier I would have gotten that parking. Aargh!!!

After sticking on the note, I went to uni, and when I was on the 2nd floor, I saw a lot of his batch mates so I knew his class was over so I called him. Guess what? He was already on the way to the car park!!! I didn't even see him!!! He went to the cafeteria first, so I missed him. OMG!!! If I had called him earlier this would not have happened. It's like, if I had done things earlier, which some voice in my head had told me to, I would have gotten both the chance to park next to his car AND to see him before my class. It was so pissing off I tell you. But then, at the end of the day, I felt that it as not such a bad day after all, because...

I finally bought the Garlic Sausage bun!!! OMG!!! I'm in love with it!!! (Don't worry baby, I still love you more) It's so so delicious!!! It's like garlic bread with a sausage in the middle. So yummy!!! The buns at the cafe in the library are seriously good. The buns are so soft and fluffy, especially if you ask them to heat it up. I particularly love their Fish Chip burger, Chicken Cheese Triangle (or something like that), Double Cheese bun, Garlic bread, Doughnut Stick, and now, Garlic Sausage bun!!! Hehe!!!

These are pics from the Pharmacy Practice 1 lab class on Monday. Hehe.

Ching Yee's methylated spirit smiley

My poop-like Salicylic Acid 50% in Lanolin Ointment


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