Tuesday, 19 May 2009

My shopping spree!!!

These are what I bought that day in Goin' Places, Centrepoint, and Padini and Elements in The Curve. Hehe.

There were tons of different jackets and wind-breakers and sweaters and whatever that is needed in the winter. But since I already have some jackets and clothes from other people, I just bought these.
A long wool cardigan (my mum thinks it looks like a sleeping robe)

Purple ear mufflers (velvety!!!), soft purple muffler (something like a scarf. I LOVE it!!!) and soft leather gloves

PURPLE (!!!) tights and thigh high stockings
I can't go out only in skirts after all, I'll freeze without these.

Long johns. Mine's two-piece since it's much more convenient when I wanna go to the toilet. Hehe. (There's purple!!!)

My super nice and thick and fluffy yet light down-feather jacket!!!

The inside of the hood is furry. The fluffy lining can be seperated from the hood, and the hood itself can also be taken off. Hehe!!!

After that, me and my sis headed to The Curve as my mum had a DOME cash voucher that was expiring soon. On the way to DOME, we spotted Padini, with a huge "sale" sign. Since I have the member card, we got extra discounts!!!However, it was still not that cheap, so we only bought 1 piece each. Then, as we walked out, we saw another SALE sign just opposite us, in ELEMENTS. Yay!!! We made a beeline for it. Haha!!!

Amazingly, a lot of their sale items had S size, even XS for some. So, I grabbed everything that had an S or XS size and we headed to the changing room with our arms full of clothes. Haha. Luckily there was no limit to how many you can try at a time. Most of them fit and looked wonderful!!! Hehe!!! Lots of them were for only RM19.90 or RM29.90. Cheap!!! There were even 2 racks of 40%!!!

Purple white-striped shirt from Padini, Brown striped shirt from ELEMENTS

I finally got myself some fitting slacks. This pin-strip darling from ELEMENTS was on 40%!!!

I also got myself a pair of white knee high boots from ELEMENTS. Again, amazingly, they had my size!!! My sis bought 4 tops. 1 of them was this nice unique jacket that at first I thought was mine. But in the end she took them away!!! No!!! I really feel like going back there and buying another 1 for myself. After all, it's only RM19.90, it's worth it!!!

Ok, then we finally made it to DOME without any more stops. The food there is scrumptious but expensive. I had a Creamy Seafood Pasta and one of their ice blended coffee-chocolate thingy. OMG!!! The drinks was absolutely heavenly. That is if you prefer chocolate over coffee. That is not to say that it didn't taste of coffee. It did, just that the chocolate taste was the strongest. Delicious!!! The pasta was fantastic as well. It came with a few rings of squid, 3 large prawns, some cubes of fish, shreds of abolone mushroom, and 3 mussels. I'm not particularly fond of shell fish (besides scallop) and always find that they are way too fishy and taste odd. The only mussels I like so far are from Manhatten Fish Market and now, from DOME as well. The cream sauce was a little too diluted, but it still tasted great to me.

My sis had a cheese and ham croissant, and lemon chill. The croissant was delicious, albeit a little miserable since it's actually on the breakfast menu. It came without any extras. No salad by the side, nothing. Just a croissant. The contents weren't even spilling out. However, it was delicious, although you can actually make it at home as well. With good quality cheddar, of course. I don't really fancy lemon, but I found the lemon chill refreshing. So I would give it two thumbs up. My sis however, felt that it was rather normal. Anyw, the total for the night was RM70 ++!!! Just for 2 person. We didn't even order any extras, or super expensive dishes. Luckily we had the cash voucher. Haha.I definitely can't afford to eat there on my own.

After that, we went home.

The end!!!

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