Thursday, 28 May 2009

22 miss calls

Normally everytime after I leave his house, I will message him when I reach home, to tell him that I've reached the house. But today when I got home, my phone battery died and my mum was watching Bionic Woman, so I joined her. I remembered that I needed to message him, but decided to do it later when I get upstairs and charge my phone. After all, he usually doesn't reply that message so I figured that it wouldn't hurt to message later. What I didn't expect was that the show was quite long, only finishing about 1 hour after I reached home. Then I went upstairs, switched on my laptop and facebook-ed awhile till 10pm. Hehe. I realised it was late already and so quickly prepared to shower (have not eaten dinner). Then I remembered I have not messaged him, so I quickly charged the phone. As soon, as the phone was on, a message came in "You have 22 miss call(s) from **********" OMG!!! I hurriedly typed a message to him saying that I was ok, and I'm at home and explanined to him what happened. That was when a multitude of messages came in.

"Baby are u ok?"
"Hello, can u pls reply?"
"Hello hello hello"
"OMG baby are u ok?..."

Something like that la. He was so worried. Then his call came in. OMG. He contacted so many people to get my house number. He lost my house number and my parents' numbers sometime ago but forgot to ask me for them. He said that for the past 1.5hrs he couldn't study and kept calling people. He said that I can't imagine the trauma he went through. I'm so sorry baby. while I was watching TV and playing facebook, you were calling people and worrying your head off. Sorry!!!

I felt really bad, but at the same time very touched. I didn't think he really read those reached home messages, and that he would be so worked up if I didn't send one. Thanks baby. Really!!!

And not to forgoet those people he called. Especially Wen Tye. Haha. Sorry!!! Because of me, GM™ called you so many times. Here's the list of them (as far as I know)

Wai Kwan
Vicki (Even though he knew that he most likely would not get through (She's in Turtle Camp. No reception))
Mabel (messaged online)
Wen Tye
Bob Kurt (Even though your phone was off too)
Siu Hoong

Thanks people!!!


  1. wth! 22 miss calls?? some more call so many times!! you must be flying on the air right now? XDD

  2. Haha. Yalor. Somemore he contacted so many people. I was like @.@!!! Didn't expect it!!! Haha!!! So touched by how worried he was.