Thursday, 18 January 2007

Ant bite

I wen to the back lane behind my hse on sun was reli dark ad cuz it was raining earlier so we cudnt go till bout 8pm...oh,n i had to marinate some chicken and fish and then wrapping them in aluminium foil n puting it in the oven before i cud go...mmm...juz thinkin of it makes me hungry...anyw,me n my sis wen n we found that the back lane changed quite alot since the last time we no londer has this weird kind of plant that grows some translucent leaf thingy that is shaped lk a ball n has air more morning glorys,no more big shrub with cute green n red we wen back...on the way back we spotted a frog so we squatted down to watch it for a was then that a medium size black ant crawled onto my little finger n bit it was painful...n who say that ant bite isnt was fine then but then after an hr or so it started swelling...the swelling spread over a few hours to the back of my palm n to my ring finger n a little part of my middle finger...the small valley between the knuckles of my little finger n ring finger was almost completely gone...cuz of the sis said that it wud go away the next day so i din worry bout it...but the next day,after i came back from col the swelling was still present n so i wen to c the doctor...he told me that i had an infection as the sweeling was red n warmer than the rest of my hand...bcuz of the swelling,i had to take of the ring i was wearin to col n so i lost isnt an expensive 1...a very cheap 1 in fact...u noe,those fake jewelry little girls play wit?well,it was that kind...but it was so precious to me cuz i had since i was a little girl n till now i still think it looks reli my dad always says, anicha...which means impermanent...everything is impermenant...howh,but i reli do lk it...wish i cud find it back...too bad i don hv a pic of it... =(

The swelling has gone but its still itchy...i had to take antibiotics and an anti toxin that makes me for the past few days i've so hard to get up in the morning n harder to concentrate in class...haihz...sleepy...sleepy...*yawn*...

Today is oso the 1st time i got into an accidetn which is NOT my fault...haha...a girl older than us by a year bumped into my car from behind n some paint came off so she has to pay me 2o0bucks to respray my darling car...more stuff happend today but,i juz wan to take a short nap b4 dinner...write bout those i said...sleepy...Zzzz...

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