Sunday, 15 July 2007

I'm back!!!

Hi!!!!! I'm back!!! Hehe. I'm going to post the longest post you'll ever see!!! But that will be coming soon. Not just yet. I just wanted to say that I fell down on Friday the 13th. I never really believed in all this but bad things happen more than usual on that day. We were going to have lunch with Gary at Desa Petaling and I was walking down the slope with my baby then my right heel slipped and my left knee banged the road. I didn't skid thankfully because my darling held on to me. If not it would have been much worse. My knee got grazed and bleed a little. The pan mee there is really nice and the sui gao is nice too!! Gary liked it so much he wanted to order a 3rd bowl of sui gao but stopped himself after knowing the price. Haha. After lunch GM™ went to Puchong because his dad was going to change his car rims to sport rims. Hehe. It looked much better after that!! When we reached his house he cleaned my wound with iodine and applied the yellow colour solution on it. I have a feeling that he will become a good doctor. Hehe. Or maybe it's just because he's my bf. No idea. But I'm just really happy I have him. =) We washed his and his mum's car together. I sprayed the water and he put the soap. Hehe. We ended up playing with the water too. Hehe. Back to the bad luck thing, his mum fell down before she reached home and hurt her left knee as well. My baby stumbled against the water hose twice but didn't fall luckily. My finger got squished a little by the car boot when I was helping him wipe the water off the car. My finger got poked by my house key when I was trying to open the door. It's not that much but more than usual. And it wasn't as if I was already expecting it. I didn't realise it was Friday the 13th until my mum told me, which was after all the bad stuff happened. Well, that's about it for now. Tata!!


  1. Anonymous3:38 am

    wei, y din u tell me u'd injured huh? BADDD friend! :P
    take care! :)
    sorry I didn't read the whole of it so I don't know what the heck are u talking about, except u get injured but I don't know which part u get injured: legs? arM? too complicated to read ur blog sometimes lar..haha

  2. sorry least i got post it in my blog so u know ma...haha...i hurt my knee anyw. hehe.