Tuesday, 12 December 2006


There's this girl in my coll...lets call her A...she's quite hot la n tall but then rite,she's lk damn weird tuition she's lk damn nice if u sit beside her but then in coll wen she sees u she will ignore u or look down on wat if she's damn doesnt give her the right to look down on ppl wat...damn fucking bitch...i try to smile at her right, she act as if she din c u fine if i need her as a fren...fuck her...n she looks at u up n down analysing wat u r wearin n think she's some kind of superior...fine,i noe i'm not as pretty n hot as u but u don hv to give that kind of treatment...if u don wan to b my fren at all then don b nice to me in tuition...then u'll b a true bitch...mayb on normal days i'll juz ignore u n don give a fuckin damn bout u...but now...wen i hv all these fuckin problems to deal with...y cant u juz fuck off n get out of my life...thank you...

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