Tuesday, 12 December 2006


i hate u!!!u selfish bastard!!!all bucz u rather b single u refuse to give in to ur feelings for me!!!so that u can b all happy n play wit ur frens who r way more important than me to u!!!well,do u realise that bcuz of that i cry every single night n hate goin to malls bcuz i'll see all the couples n feel lk my life is not worth livin n i'm juz countin down the days till my life ends n i can nvr b truly happy ever again n i wake up every morning feelin lk i hv no purpose in life n feel so lost without u n torture myself with love stories n memories of us n spend the majority of days lyin in bed juz cryin over u thinkin of us or how we cud hv been n nvr feel beautiful anymore no matter how much make up i put on or wat i wear or even if i reli am lookin ok n feel jealous of ppl in love n keep smearin my eyeliner each time i cry wen i'm out n i nvr succeed in accomplishing anything bcuz i'll stop halfway to start cryin over u n feel so lonely n feel so insecure until i bcum kinda self absorbed n spend so many days moping around juz thinkin of u n wish every single time i hug pooh that it'll turn into u n cling on to every single memory i hv of u n avoid talkin bout u or places we've been or movies that we've watched or anything concerning u n almost considered suiciding n wish that i had powers to make u love me again...dam fuckin shit!!!i miss u...

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