Thursday, 15 June 2006


My mum was on leave since last wed till this wed...hehe...on sun we wen shopping at jusco n bought lk so many nice clothes...hehe...den on mon we wen to as u like it cafe near taylors for lunch den wen to do my atm card...hehe...den tues we wen down to kl to do my new specs...but bcuz it was raining we stopped at sogo to do some shopping since there got sale...hehe... we bought some more clothes there...hehe...den i help her choose some of her clothes too...we din go anywhere on wed bcuz i had tuition in the afternoon...its juz reli fun lo sometimes goin out wit my mum...she's lk reli in she's not the type that don let u do stuff...she allows me to hv bf as long as i don gp overboard...n i can go out but must come back by 11 if not i stay over at a gf's hse...den i can go dating n stuff but not too late...n i can go out but not so often lk every single day go out...den all these rules r lk quite reasonable lo...n she didnt scold wen i scratched her car the 1st few times i drove n wen i got into the accident...she said its part of the learning curve n if we nvr hv accident we'll nvr long as it is not too serious accident la...but she can get reli stressed up some times n suddenly find fault in everything...but i guess she has alot of work pressure since she's the bread winner of the this is juz lk a shout out to my mum la...hehe...i'm very glad i hv a mum lk u n i love u...

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