Friday, 16 June 2006

Drastic Changes...

Today i was suppose to go out with my bf to the cineplex but it got canceled cuz our fren needed him...i wasnt pissed bcuz it was canceled,juz a bit disappointed,cuz i understand dat wen sum1 has problems he/she wud lk to hv a fren accompany him/her...but the fact that i ony knew bout this after i called him is wat pissed me off...cuz its lk it means if i din called i wud hv had to wait the whole goddamned day n waste my time...he din call me earlier or msg to say that he's not goin anymore...wat if i left for the cineplex n waited...den i wud hv travelled there for nothing...cuz he din specify the time he wud b there...he juz say 2 sumtin so initially i tot of goin to 1u around 2 cuz i wanted to go to a nokia center to check my phone then wait for his call or msg den i drive over to the if i had stuck to that plan i wud hv gone there for nothing...n i msged him earlier askin him whether he cud take a taxi to my place since he was gonna take a taxi there anyw n follow my car there cuz i wasnt sure of the way ad...he din reply to that msg...den was kinda pissed la...but later he say its bcuz he oso din noe dat our fren was comin n he was about to call me ad but i was calling him so he cannot get thro...den i told him that i'm also very sad n hv sumtin to talk to him he ask me y i din tell him over the phone...den i told him dat i don lk talkin bout stuff lk that over the phone or thru sms...i rather talk face to face...den around 5 sumtin our fren called n ask me whether i wan to go to the temple near my hse...i ask him y la...cuz it s lk very weird...suddenly ask me whether i wan to go to the temple...den he say he n weng seng r since its so near my hse i agreed lo...

So i wen n met my bf there...i ask him wat the hell r they doin there...den he told me that its bcuz i say i got sumtin to talk to him bout he come lo...den he ask me to tell him la bout the prob...den i ask him whether he reli lk me onot cuz if u read my earlier blog on lousy planning u'll noe dat he din treat me lk his gf n act lk he don lk me he say dat he did...n he reli did enjoy all those times we had together but lk we juz arent meant to b lo...n its better if we're juz for me its lk a lil shock but not much cuz i ad expected it...wen my ex dat i reli love broke up wit me i oso simply hv short term infatuations...n bcuz i noe all those r juz distractions n it won last,i din couple wit any of dem...but i guess he din noe dat the feelings he had for me r juz distractions...n dat the person he reli wans is still his he coupled wit me...n ever since the break up wit my ex dat i reli love,i realise dat all the bfs i hv after dat i din reli seriously lk in i do lk dem...but its not as deep as wat i felt for dat particular i don reli feel dat sad...juz bit disappointed dat it din last long...oh juz so complicated...1 min u'r on top of the universe,next min the ground u'r standing on starts to feel unstable n the next min u'r falling down endlessly into an abyss... now i hv to go back on relying on chocolates n junk food to keep me happy...but den...i alwiz hv my frens n pet bros...hehe...thanks for hearing me whine n rut bout all this...reli owe it to all of u ^.^ Thanks!! *huggies*

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