Thursday, 3 March 2011

What to do after more than a month of deadlines

Hi everyone. I've not updated for such a long time. No surprise there. But what I am surprised at is me updating NOW. I'm currently rushing to finish a 2.5k word essay which requires journals and such by 5pm tomorrow. Urgh. Looks like there won't be any sleep tonight either. Oh well. Typical me. I do wish I'd change though.

So, I was just thinking what would be top on my list after this Fri, and here is what came to my mind:

1. Sleep!!! (this is by far the most important!!!)
2. Shopping and eating Japanese/Italian food (I'd most likely go for both)
3. GYM!!! (I have been seriously slacking on this and I can see the changes)
4. Bake (I have been itching to bake some cake or cookies. Anything!!!)
5. Start the next assignment (not the loveliest thing to do after completion, but it prevents another last minute rush)

Alright. Back to my essay. Bye!!! =)

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