Saturday, 15 January 2011

My first facebook status

Recently you might have noticed your friends using this new application called first facebook status or something along those lines, or maybe you've even used it yourself. Or maybe not. Anyw, I tried it and though the status it generated would have been something I would think I'd write, the date didn't telly. I mean I joined facebook in 2007, so why would my first status be 2 years later? Completely bogus.

So then, my friend commented on it and decided to set off on an insane task. To search for her first status by going to her profile and clicking "older posts" until she reaches her goal. Insane? Absolutely. Haha. Well she managed to do it in under an hour. Naturally, the procrastinator in me wanted to jump onto this idea immediately. But, I controlled myself and thought, well I'd do it once I'm done with all my assignments. *Sigh* However I'm not that disciplined, so that resolve all but lasted for 5 minutes. After which I started enthusiastically clicking older posts on my profile. The guilt finally settled in after about 45 minutes (well actually it started after the first 10 minutes but I just nudged it aside), and decided to continue the next day.

Which is today!!! And I did it!!! Guess what was my first status?

"sien and having a bad sore throat..."

I was like what the hell!?!?! THAT was my real first status? Seriously? Of all things I could have written like, "hello facebook world, look who's finally here!!!" or "Let's see how much better this is than friendster", I chose that!!! Oh my goodness. Haha. Nonetheless, it was good fun glancing through all the old memories on facebook. Makes me remember all the good times during college and the first few years of university.

So, are you going to find yours?

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