Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Be Thankful For What You Have

I was just looking at my facebook page and had a random urge to blog. So, about my title. Right now I'm having labs, and a lot of deadlines are coming soon. I have 6 deadlines coming in the next 2 months. Sounds crazy? To add to that, I have to start calling up pharmacies asking if they're interested in offering me a pre-reg (sort of like a housemanship for a year to get my pharmacist license) place after I graduate. Doesn't sound too bad right? But the thing is I have to call pharmacies in England, not Scotland (long story), AND fly down for interviews. OMG. I only have a week to do that before my lectures start on the 24th. This week I'm still having labs so I can't. Gosh. Crazy workload!!! Normally I would be absolutely stressed out (I am still stressed though) and be frustrated with everything. But if I stop to think, I actually am not in such a bad situation.

-I still have some time to finish my assignments and study for exams.
-I have the opportunity to actually work in the UK
-My labs are absolutely a breeze compared to the others
-My lab mates and lab supervisors are awesome!!!

Thats for my workload. And if I think more about my life, it gets better.

-I'm not all that bad looking
-I'm in reasonably good shape without much effort
-I have an awesome bf who's super devoted to me
-My bf's going to be a doctor
-I'm going to be a pharmacist and earn a hell lot more than some of my friends (though not all)
-I have a wonderful family and awesome friends
-I get to go back to Malaysia a lot more than most people
-I'm whole. No disabilities, allergies, sensitivities. I mean sure, I have some minor conditions(?) but it's not disabling and its seriously minor.

So I have it a lot better than most people. So sometimes you just have to stop and think of all the good things you actually have. Then you'll realise how good your life is. It sounds cliche, but really, compared to the children in Africa and people in countries at war, how bad can your life be?

I saw this saying by Kenzi, it's really cute:

"I think from now on, whenever I feel like life's too hard, I'll remind myself that at least I don't have to go running around trying to find and destroy horcruxes all while the most evil man around is trying to kill me and everyone I know. And then I'll feel loads better."

Haha!!! It's referring to Harry Potter btw, if you didn't already know.

So take a look around you, and try to enjoy life, as it is as beautiful as you make it. =)

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