Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Eyeko Make Up

Hi, I know I've not been blogging anymore. Haha. But I just wanted to share with you guys this make up brand that I love!!! It's called Eyeko. It's a London based brand and is super cute!!!

I just made my first purchase a few days ago and honestly, I LOVE the products!!!

Graffiti Eyelin
er Pen in Very Black
It's like a marker pen but with a fine tip. So it's super easy to use and great for beginners. Also very useful when you want to wing it. Handy right? Plus it also comes in Purple or Blue.

I love my make up here!!! I used the Graffiti Eyeliner Pen as well as the Cherry Fat Balm I talk about below. LOVE the fat balm colour!!!

Fat Balm in Cherry
Ok, this is my FAVOURITE item!!! It smells like cherry and its as red as cherries!!! I didn't expect it to have much colour because its a lip balm, but the colour is actually gorgeous!!! Plus it's not that dark at first so you can vary how deep a shade you want. AND, you can use it as a blusher!!! Super handy!!! It also comes in Strawberry, Raspberry, Toffee, Frosting and Mint!!!

See why it's called fat?

Berry, Sexy Lips!!! Plus it can used on your cheeks!!!

London Lips Lip Gloss in Knightsbridge
Awesome awesome colour!!! It has a very sweet smell too!!! Not overpoweringly sweet, but a light sweet scent!!! Hehehe. I always wanted a pale pink lipgloss, so here it is!!! Oh, and it has shimmer too!!! There are way too many other colours for me to list it here. Go check it out at Eyeko's website!!!

Can't see the shimmer from here, but I swear there is!!!

I just recently became an Eyeko Ambassador, so if you order using my code, E11572, you get a free gift on purchases over £15/€18/$20. Plus if you're in the UK or Europe, you get free shipping!!! If not, don't fret, you can get free shipping worldwide for orders over £35/$55!!! So gather your friends and order in bulk!!!

What are you waiting for?!?!

Go check Eyeko out now!!!

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