Thursday, 9 September 2010

Back in Glasgow

Summer's over. That was fast. 3 months just flew past. Now I'm back in cold, dreary Glasgow, when just less than 72hours ago I was in warm, cheery Malaysia. Oh well. It was a great summer for what it's worth. There are a few things that made it awesome:

1. Spent lots of time with GM™ (undeniable that it's the main reason)
2. Went to Cameron Highlands with him, JR and Linda
3. Went to Bukit Tinggi for a photoshoot with him
4. Had lots of yummy Malaysian food (I put on 2kg because of that)
5. Had the luxury of driving around, instead of walking all the time
6. Met up with lots of friends (Sorry, if I did not meet you. 3 months is waaay too short)
7. I got a RING!!! Yes!!! A RING!!! An 18carat white gold ring, with a tiny diamond, but still a diamond no less!!!

Before you fall over your head thinking that I'm engaged, I'm NOT. Let me repeat,


It is just a promise ring. Hehe. I haven't got the chance to take a photo that does its *sparkle* justice. So when I do, I'll post it up.


  1. Thanks!!! I DID have fun. Lots of it!!! =)

  2. wow.. a ring that sparkles~! XD
    do put up a photo of it here soon ^^
    missing all the eating sessions during PM10
    updates ya? ^^