Sunday, 9 May 2010

Baby's photography

Baby recently got a new Nikon D90. When he went to register for a marathon in 1u a few days ago, he so happened to notice that Triumph was going to have a fashion show later that evening. Anyw, long story short, he went with his fellow photography friend to shoot the event.

*No, my bf is not a hamsap fellow who shot it purely because its a lingerie show, but because his 1st photoshoot just so happened to be one.*

Here are some of the photos he took. I think not bad lo!!! Like press photos. This is his 1st photoshoot ok? Hehe.

A model that he said looks like Sowmya (his batchmate from IMU who was Miss Indian Malaysia 2009 or something like that. Sorry, can't remember, but she was on the front page of The Star for that. Hehe!!!)

I think the theme was something to do with recyclable or eco-friendly or something. Hence the "newspaper skirt" and the pretty flowers in her hair. Hehehe.

More eco-friendly lingerie. Love the flowers in her hair.

I like this!!! Hehehe. Would be a perfect photo if not for her closed eyes. Wings wings butterfly wings...

Love the attitude she is exuding.

Just add a top and you can wear that to work. Haha.

OMG!!! Both also so nice!!! Look at the lace below the top. Love the extra detail!!!

This could almost be a dress. Hehehe.

Purple!!! But she looks sad or tired.

All the models.

Not bad right the photos? Hehehe. He took all these without a flash gun ok? Do you know how hard it is to capture nice shots of models walking here and there when your flash can only work once every 20seconds (not realiable info as I forgot what he said)? So good job baby!!! Click HERE to view his other photos if you're interested, and HERE to view the photos he took with his prosumer before he got this DSLR. =)

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