Thursday, 19 April 2007

Trials results

Aaahhh!!! Trials results r out!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! Aaahhh!!! This is what i got:

Bio - B : well,i'm not sure why this is the subject i got the highest. But thankfully i have a B. Higher than i expected.

Chem - C : I didnt expect to get a C. As you can see from my expectations, i thought Chem was the easiest amongst all. Haih...disappointed.

Maths - E : I know i said that Maths is the toughest. But i didnt expect to get an E. I thought the worst would be a D. OMG.

I told my mum my results just now n she was already disappointed when i told her i got a B for Bio. I was so worried about what she would say when i tell her i got an E for Maths. I argued with her over how we should look at trials. I was saying that trials will usually be quite bad and finals will be much better. She said that trials i should score already. I said i havent even study finish how to score? And she was like, you should already be prepared when you sit for trials. Then she was like, dont talk abbout it already since you dont know how to look at it properly. Whew!! Luckily that was it. I know my results are quite bad and i have to study. I wish there was 1 more trial. I really have to study more...

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