Monday, 9 April 2007

Plan for hols

Ok,since my hols r here n i noe i did badly for my trials,i hv to b more dicisplined this time...this is my list of things to do during my 2 weeks break...

1. Study at least 8hrs a week n finish doing notes for bio A2 core.
2. Spend more time with my darling
3. Clear my room n com table (reli look lk a rubbish dump ad =p)
4. Check out all the local uni that offer twinning to UK for pharmacy
5. Get my forecast b4 my trials results come out
6. Master the Canon in D piece that i use to b able to play on my piano but now cant seem to rmb how
7. Exercise more than now (Heheh...i hardly exercise now)
8. Don't spend more than RM120
9. Recover from my sore throat n cough n flu (hopefully with gm takin care of me i'll get well faster...hehe =D)
10. Get lots n lots of sleep!!!

haha...thats bout it la...dono wat else ad...hehe...hopefully i'll b able to do all these things. Wish me luck ppl!!!

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