Monday, 23 April 2007

Results of plans

Ok, here's how much i followed my plans for the holidays.

1. Well, obviously i didn't study 8hrs a week. I only studied around 8hrs for both weeks. =p
2. This i definitely achieved!!! yay!!!
3. Er...i cleared my wardrobe at least. Hehe.
4. I did this and i decided that i will go to uni of notthingham and i already printed out the application form.
5. I requested for my forecast and testimonial already.
6. I didn't touch the piano the whole holiday. Heheh...
7. I did exercise a little. I went to the park to run yesterday and i went for evening walks with GM on a few days.
8. I'm not sure how much i spent. But i'm quite sure its around there. So congratz to me!!!
9. I didn't recover!!! In fact, I think that my sore throat has worsen!!!
10. Yes!!! i slept loads!!!

So, i'd say the score is...7/10? Haha...which is not bad for me...

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