Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Just My Luck

Well,i got lucky n my fren matt ask me on fri nite whether i wanted to watch just my luck on sat cuz he has an extra i wen lo...cant let myself b unoccupied for too anyw,the morning was reli quite dull cuz i had to fetch my sis to school n then i stayed outside the cafeteria for 5 hrs doin hw ALONE!! then after that i wen to mcd to hv lunch...well,actually its not that bad la..cuz i had some time alone n i did c a few frens n they did stop by to chat for awhile...

By the time my sis called n i wen to fetch her,it was jam lk shit...that time was 1.10 lk that ad...n wen i reach the school gate it was 1.30 ad...stuck in a stretch of road that is not even 10m for 20 mins!!!so was rushing back cuz i had to meet matt,his bro n his fren by 2.3...luckily i reached home by 2 lk that...quickly put all the things that i don need to bring at home n wen lo...

I reached juz a lil late...then they bought drinks n pop corn n we wen in...thanks for the drink ya!! =) his fren's name is khye-ren...she's a reli nice girl la...the movie was reli nice lo to me...i wish relationships lk that reli exist...i don reli think any movies r not nice unless i don understand a single thing in the movie,or its all bout war only or sumtin boring,or its a horror film...anyw,after the movie we wen to mcd to chat...we talked bout so many things...realised that me n her got quite a few things in common...for 1 we lk to keep msgs...n don not destroy any gifts or msgs or stuff that was given by our bf wen the relationship is over...unlike someone...who destroyed sumtin...*ahem*...haha...then we took some pics oso...after awhile khyre-ren had to go back ad so i left oso...but i don go back...wen shopping...cuz got mega sale now...n it reli is mega sale many nice clothes at low prices...branded summore least to me romp,elle,sommerset bay,padinni authentic,east india...din hv the time to reli c all the shops havin sale...too bad i din bring enuf money to buy all...i bought 2 tho...quite ok la...around 8 i wen back lo...then nothing much ad...was so tired so i wen to sleep after dinnner n showering...

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matt n me

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me n khye-ren

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