Monday, 18 June 2012

What you have all been waiting for - London Part 1

Yes, I know not really. Just wanted to put that as the title for the fun of it. It is delayed because there was a problem with the internet. Can't edit a post without internet now, can I? Ok, enough reasons. I went to London 2 weeks in a row! Yes!!! The first was to go to Alton Towers. Don't shoot me! I know it's actually nearer to where I stay than London, so it was totally pointless going to London, to come all the way back to get to Alton Towers. But I didn't check the location before hand and left it to my friends which somehow thought that it was near London. Well, what's done is done. No point fretting.

Alton Towers was awesome! Besides the rides having long queues (typical), and the fast track tickets being expensive (obviously) it was almost perfect! They had a drinks promo where you buy a drink container for £5 and you can top it up with soft drinks at any drink station. So we totally used and abused it! It was a really really sunny and hot day, which was great! I LOVE THE SUN!!! Too bad some rides were closed, and apparently we missed the 2 most awesome rides ever - Thirteen and Air!!! When we found out, we were like what?!?!?! Oh well. It was still fun, and that's all that matters! I even got a picture of myself on a ride because I actually looked half decent in it! Not posting it because it is only half decent!

Ching Yee and I on the train to London!
All ready to set out to Alton Towers!

I'm a Ring Doughnut Monster!!! Our breakfast.
Messing about in the empty train!

Where all the BEST rides were!

Drying off booth after -->


The drinks container used to quench this gargoyle's thirst!





With the red water while waiting for Nemesis!

Red red water! (I know it looks pink, but it's actually red like Ribena!)
Us with our fast track passes!

Random structure in the park

Us camwhoring with it

Alton Towers is actually really beautiful, with scenic parks and a gigantic lake. We didn't have as much time as we would have liked to spend, so we only got to camwhore in the park just before we went back.

Heart shaped hedge frame! This definitely calls for some camwhore shots!

The big lake near the entrance

The hedge actually has a heart shaped cut out

Beautiful beautiful flower garden. This picture does it no justice.

Group shot

Happy in the sun!

Self-shot group shot!

The most famous ride in Alton Towers has got to be Oblivion. This is one which features a 90° vertical drop! It looks absolutely horrifying!!! Surprisingly, I didn't find it all that scary once I got over it. It's scary because of the anticipation and the nervousness, especially when they pause for a few seconds at the precipice! We went for the newest ride, Nemesis, twice! That's the ride that I got my picture from. I bought my picture from the first round, but unluckily for me the picture from the second round turned out nicer. Hmph!

For dinner that night, KH brought us to Albion. YUM!!! Didn't have much pictures because my phone died. =( Not enough battery! Should either find a portable charger, or get a spare battery. The battery seriously runs out waaayy too fast when I really need it!

KH's pork crackle. Didn't really like this. Too hard! But he seemed to like it well enough.

Elderflower cocktail! Beginning to fall in love with elderflower!

Duck Scotch Egg. Mmmm....

Seriously can't remember what the name of this dish is, but it is rice with fish bits served with mango chutney. Super yummy!

Our after hours activity that night was Heaven, the most famous gay club in London!!! It was a fun and eventful night, that's all I'm gonna say. Haha. Though, I realized my dancing stamina has decreased. =(

Can't see clearly, but Paloma (sounds awfully like pomelo!) Fay performed that night!

Do you think any of us are gay or bi?

We met up with the pretty girls of P108 for lunch at OXO Tower the next day. It was almost a disaster because we got lost and ended up walking in rounds for an hour!!! One of them came by herself so she was left waiting for us at the restaurant. Not sure what was wrong with Google Maps at that time!!! The food was absolutely delicious, though it exceeded our expected price by a LOT!

Salmon starter
Main Course - Lamb! Most awesome lamb ever!

KH's monkfish
Everyone's food. The rest had cod!

What dessert most of the people had - Mousse with sorbet
Panna Cotta with rhubarb
My dessert! Elderflower posse, Victoria sponge and sorbet! Was a tad too sour though.

Had Starbucks afterwards during Happy Hour. Mocha Choc Chip Frapp at half price! =)
That's the end of London Part 1! We caught the train back and that's it! Part 2 will probably take ages because...

Camwhoring while waiting for the other train to come

See? Legit reason for not blogging. I'm going back to Malaysia soon, so might blog when I'm there! =)

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