Thursday, 7 June 2012

False Alarm

Oops! I did say that I would do a post today. I couldn't finish everything on time. I swear I spent the better part of the day going through all my hp photos because my phone is running out of memory so I had to clear it. Plus took pics of my haul and everything. Just that I didn't have the time to create a blog post. I even did a video of the house but because of the memory issue it failed to record properly! Hmph! Had the whole house in it too, with awesome sunshine. Wasted my effort of recording. Geram! I can post some pics and follow up with explanations later. Hope that pacifies you guys! <3

Macarons from Pierre Hermes!

What do you think of my modified bow skirt? It was a midi swishy skirt but I turned it into this. Does it look weird? Or can it pass as a quirky piece?


  1. Those Macarons are really delicious!! Are they?
    I want that birthday Starbucks card!! ♥o♥++

    1. YES THEY ARE!!! That brand (Pierre Hermes) is my favourite!!! I know. That's why I already got you one! The London one too!