Monday, 30 April 2012


Ok, I actually have no idea what to write. I just didn't want the first post that shows up on my blog to be so negative. (Came up with title after typing the whole post) I haven't been doing much lately. Just studying and browsing on eBay and the sort. I suppose I was a little starstruck this week. Not anything major, just minor things which made me happy.

I managed to get myself a dress from Chessie. In fact it was just this morning. =D She was having her Spring sales and I snagged a dress from Cheesie!!! Weee!!! I really do admire her. She's a fellow Malaysian that is determinedly fashionable. I don't agree 100% with what she wears. I mean I don't think anyone ever likes every single thing their fashion icon wears after all. But I like her style most of the time. The point is though, that she dares to dress differently in Malaysia. Not that anyone is going to shoot you down for dressing out of the norm, but its just that I know some people tend to stare or have preconceived notions. Like boots are for hookers, people with lightly dyed hair are "lala" and ridiculous things like that. I also really like the way she writes. It's nothing fanciful but its funny and nice to read! Unlike mine. Plus she's super awesome at make up and hair!!! Learned the cat ears hairstyle from her. It's really cute!!! So anyway, I emailed her about the dress I wanted to buy and she replied! Obviously. As I said, it's nothing major, it's just...Cheesie replied my email!!! =DDDDD

Next, I'm gonna talk about another pretty Malaysian girl, Careen Tan. You might know her as the girl who won Adidas Neo Ambassador competition, or the girl in the Only In Malaysia short by JinnyBoyTV that has gone viral. I don't really know her at all. I just randomly saw her pic while I was googling for PC Fair info and thought that she was really pretty even though she wasn't wearing those fancy costumes and was just in a normal bright green shirt. I can't remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but well I did and have been stalking reading it when I have the time. She's is soooooo pretty. She embodies everything I want in life. Of course she has her own set of problems and no one's life is perfect, but it does seem like it from the outside. So, I complimented her in reply to one of her tweet pics and she replied with a "Thanx babe!". I was literally grinning ear to ear. I think my bf has gotten bored of hearing about her from me. He actually has her as a friend on Fb because he took her pic once in PC Fair and so added her to tag her. Back then she didn't have her fan page so she added strangers into her personal account so that she could get tagged. Unfair!!! I'm only her fan on her fan page! Plus he has seen her at events a few times!!! Hmph!!!

Finally, it's a reply from a Dramione (Draco + Hermione) fanfiction author. If you don't know, I am in love with the idea of Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger being together. If you don't know who they are, I think you should reconsider your social life. 


*calms self down* I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan and so still read fanfiction, but only of the dramione kind. Their stories are so full of passion and angst. So there's this awesome awesome author called Bex-chan, and it was her birthday and so I wished her Happy Birthday and she replied in thanks! Ya ya, nothing major again. But I got a reply from her!!! She must have had thousands of wishes and she still replied me!!! Hehehe!!!

Ya, so that's why I'm starstruck this week. The one thing that could make my entire year starstruck would be to meet Tom Felton (actor of Draco Malfoy). In fact, I don't need to meet him. Just a reply tweet from him would have me on cloud nine for weeks! *fingers crossed!*


  1. It will be super awesome to get a tweet from ur idol. Keeping my fingers crossed for u :)

    1. I know right!!! Haha. Thank you so much!!! Hope you get a tweet from yours too!!! =)