Saturday, 24 March 2007

Within Temptation

Omg,i just found out bout this band, Within Tempatation. I stumbled onto their songs on Tagged when i was lookin at some1's profile. Their songs r super nice. Reli love it soo much!!! This is their official website : Within Tempatation Go n check it out. They've been around for so long ad n i can't believe that i just found out bout them now. The name of the band is lk super nice oso. But i guess they're not famous in Malaysia la. Cuz i hv never heard theri songs b4. They r a dutch band. Their albums aren't even released here or in Singapore. So happy I found out bout them. They have collaborated to form a game called The Chronicles of Spellborn. I'm so happy,i'm so happy,i'm so happy!!! haha...

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