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Hmmm...libra...libras are not as balance as ppl think we wat if the scales represent our makes us even more mixed up...cuz we're alwiz tryin to find balance...if we cud balance things by ourselves...we wudnt need a scale...

We are very sympathetic...but it doesnt mean that we don dislike ppl...we're understandin and anxious to learn the view of others. But we assume that these are given with the same sincerity in which they are we are very easily swayed...

Our intuition is phenomenal. We recognize things instinctively, telling true from false, good from bad. we're constantly proving that 1st impressions are best. But bcuz we're so easily swayed, we will take into consideration other ppl's views and other factors makin us loose that delicacy of touch.

The advice of our friends, our own worry over problems, a craving for excitement that seems innate can disturb our balanced nature and often causin us to go in opposition to our own interest and lose the advantge of intuitive power.

And, we can magnify trifles. Some instinctive adversion, some slight relark or unkind thing comin from another person may trouble us to no end. And such things usually lead to rifts.

Libras are so sincere, so soulful, so self-sacrificing, so completely wrapped in the lives of others that we expect others to be the same. Ambition, business, all practical side of life can go out the window when affairs of family, friends or humanity are at stake.

Libras will alwiz gravitate to the human choices rather than the practical choices. We are ruled by instinct more than reason. We lavish attention upon those who do not deserve it and we are frequently blinded by our own sympathy. We will usually paint wonderful pictures of members of our family or friends. But when u actually meet that person, u will find that they fall far short of such spesifications. All those traits and virtues we said about them were simply built up in our Libra mind.

Sometimes, bcuz we are so afraid that justice will miscarry, we will side with the underdog and join a wrong cause just to make sure that they get a hearin. And all the argument in the world will simply make us all the more stubborn.

We take up new ideas in the same way, often showing trust in strangers who proceed to sell us short. When questioned or criticized on this score, we bcum bitter and angry. This confounds the critic, who cant understand y Libra rebels at logic.

Well,this is bcuz Libras never wan to b reminded when our intuition fails. It is 1 of our touchiest traits. We also have the pride of possesion. Libras are self-sacrificing and sentimental toward others to such a great extent that gradually we gain an ingrown sense of dominationion. We express confidence in others, hopeful that when the time comes, those ppl will go along with us. The more subordinate we appear to b, the more independant we bcum.

This leads to breaks in business, romance and even family affairs. Anythin may cause this, a recurrent argument, constant shift of plans, even careless actions that may disturb the exacting Libra nature.

Harmonious, home-loving Libra ppl may bcum horribly unhappy in the very setting we did so much to create. We hate to c others simply take all that for granted. Well, that is if we can actually reli hate anythin. Even after an outright break, we can still feel sorry for the other person.

When Libras are neglected, we bcum morose and dissatisfied, so it is good policy not to neglect us. Find and share our common interests, music, art, sports and even mere conviviality and harmony will reign supreme!

Life, to a Libra is all bout balancing up, and so the differences in ppl can b very strikin. But no matter wat, we alwiz seek balance, one way or another. The sympathy inspired by Venus causes us to apply this to all human affairs, so u can alwiz find Libras makin allowances, whether logical or not. The early period of Libras are different from the late period of Libras. Since i'm a late period Libra, i'll write bout that 1st...=p

Late period(bout the last week of Libra)
We are ppl that justify things in our own minds and put them into action. We have a Martian flare and so a definite determination. We bcum secretly possesive of wat we once owned and feel that it is still ours. Anythin we add to the balance we wan to keep. We figure that watever is rite is worth fighting for and we might even provoke a fight simply to justify a claim. Spite and jealousy may b exhibited if we feel that a worthy goal is an end dat can be justified by such means.

Early period(bout the 1st week of Libra)
The early period Libras pick up facts as well as fancies with speed and precision, analyses them in Virgo fashion, and tosses them into the balance. In this way, they bcum swifter and more logical than any other period of Libra. These 1st weekers can often justify their attitude to the finest point. And they display a fascinatin charm; quick, ready minds; wit amazin aptitude at solvin the probs of others. But if they cant balance the affairs of theri own, they will resort to shady Mercurian tactics or wild hunches. They shud seek balance 1st, analysis later.

They also say that Libras are diplomatic, urbane, romantic, charming, easygoing, sociable, idealistic and peaceable. Well, those are the good points. The bad points are we're indecisive, changable, gullible, easily influenced, flitatious and self-indulgent. Well, nodoby's perfect rite?haha...

Well, not all Libras are lk that...i got this from a book...but i think its quite accurate for me i juz post it here...hehe...=D

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A Libra card that i bought in NZ

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The picture of a Libra puzzle

Ok,dam dam late ad...gtg...ciao...nitez ppl!!

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