Friday, 21 September 2012

Fatties in the park!

I have started taking my fatties out to the park recently. My baby suggested it as he wanted me out of the house to get some fresh air, and take my fatty along while I'm at it. It is fun, but let me tell you, the first day was NOT easy!
My fatty is terrified of leaving the house (my cats are house cats) and I suffered the consequence of trying to change that. I only took him alone the first day as my sister was not around to bring her own fatty. He freaking peed on me while we were leaving the house! Grrr! Once we left (after a quick wash and change of clothes of course), he proceeded to whine his little heart out. As I have not been to the park in ages, no one knows me. So I suspect they secretly thought that I was catnapping him!
Once we arrived, he refused to budge even after all my nudging, pulling, dragging, and persuading. So I had to carry him all around the park. I'm going to have toned arms from lugging all 7 kilos of his fats around! Fatty was still not calmed by this and kept meowing pitifully. I had to coo at him, pet him, and basically treat him like a baby in an attempt to assure him. Everyone probably thought I was a younger version of a crazy cat lady!
The next day was MUCH better as my sister brought her fatty along. He still didn't budge though, and was still deathly afraid of people. He hissed and growled at any kid oblivious enough to come near him, all the while hiding under my legs. It's a good thing he recognizes me and wasn't hostile towards me in the slightest when I coddled him to prevent any sudden attacks on unsuspecting children.
Today (4th day) though, he made an improvement! He willingly walked and explored a little, with minimal prodding from me! Oh fatty, I'm so proud of you! *sniff sniff* Hahaha. I so sound like a cat lady. To be honest though, I can definitely see my sister and I being cat ladies if we didn't have our bfs.  I do love my cat almost like a baby! He's too cute and adorable to resist!
I can't wait to bring them out again tomorrow! Here's some photos, but apologies in advance for the low quality as they are uploaded from my phone. =)

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