Thursday, 25 March 2010


Oh, dear. I know I am terribly behind time in my blog. Oops!!! Life here is hectic k? So stressed!!! I don't even know why I am writing a post now when I have:

1. DD3 report to do which I have not even finished half
2. Biopharm test to study for, and I've not started
3. Accommodation forms to fill

The deadline for all these is 1st of April!!! Stupid April Fool day. Why would they want to have a class test on April Fool day? I do hope the lecturers don't trick us. Like say, time's up? and then oops, April Fool!!! Or meaner stuff, like teling us at the start of the exam that we have an extra hour to do it, then 15mins before the actual finishing time, say, April Fool!!! You only have 15mins left. OMG!!! Hahaha. Though I doubt they are that awful. They are actually really nice and friendly.

Until now I can't find a Saturday job or a summer job in a pharmacy!!! I've looked, called, emailed, visited, and STILL no results. Aargh!!! Annoying!!! It's really important for me to get a job because I need to be on an employer's list to get mactched for Pre-registration. Even if I work at a place, it's not guaranteed that I will be on that list, and even if I AM on it, I won't know. OMG!!! Shit IMU should have helped us get some placement here. At least then we'll have some work experience. The students here all practically have work experience in pharmacies. If they don't have a pharmacy job right now, you can bet that they used to. Tons of them are working part time. Since Strathclyde is not the only uni that has pharmacy, we have to compete with students from other universities as well!!! The competition is so tough!!! We (MQs- IMU students) are at the losing end because we have no work experience so employers are more likely to go for local students. Plus we don't have cars so we have to depend on bus/train/our legs.

Then accommodation. Before coming here, I remembered that IMU gave us a sheet stating that we could pay the tuition fees and accommodation fees for 2 years in 1 go. It suggests that our accommodation in the hostels is guaranteed for the 2 years. But then now, we are only guaranteed a place in the hostels for this year. The next academic year will depend on our luck as it is by ballot. I thought IMU would arrange it for us? Then what about those people who paid for 2 years? Will they be guaranteed a room then? Though I don't actually know anyone who paid for the 2 years. It is all so confusing. This is the problem of being the 'guinea pig' batch. Horrible!!! Our juniors will have it a lot easier than us, as we would tell our mentees and they would come prepared. Unlike us!!! Unfair!!!

Research. I know that this is a field where you can potentially earn a lot of money and also become 'famous' in the healthcare world. But I HATE doing literature review and referencing. OMG!!! My head is going to explode just thinking about all this. Yucks!!! Finding references from journals only is going to make me insane. But the deadline is 1st of April!!! I don't have much time left and I'm still barely half finished. Urrghh!!! Kelvin is coming over tonight to do it with me and Ching Yee. Hope this group work thing will 'inspire' me to finish it once and for all. If not then at least to do 3/4 of it.

The only good thing about staying alone is that you will start to experiment with food more. I did rice pudding recently. Yummy!!! Did you know that the skin formed while baking milk tastes like the "fu chuk" in "fu chuk yi mai"? Damn yummy ok? Hahaha!!!

My rice pudding. Ya, it doesn't look yummy, but it is!!!

Then I did bread pudding, but it was not successful because I added too much milk!!! Then other things la, like some mushroom salad. Oh!!! I love the mushrooms here!!! So yummy!!! It's called closed cup mushrooms. Not sure if Malaysia sells them, I doubt so since they are from Scotland. It's white in colour and it's kinda firm. The colour changes to brown once its cooked. Yummy gila!!! Hehehe!!!

The super yummy Scottish closed cup mushrooms!!!

Just a pic of me today. No changes in how I look. Sorry for the weird pose.

Till next time. =)

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